Greenland Adventure

At A Glance

The area around Narsarsuaq is known for its glaciers, including the Qooroq Glacier. Tourists can take boat tours to witness the mesmerizing sight of icebergs calving off the glacier and floating in the fjords. Narsarsuaq offers a unique and remote Arctic experience, providing travelers with a chance to immerse themselves in Greenland’s pristine natural environment and witness some of the world’s most stunning landscapes. It is a destination for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure and a taste of the Arctic wilderness.

Destination Highlights

  • Visit Narsarsuaq & Glacier View
  • Hike to the Flower Valley and Qaqortoq, the capital of Southern Greenland
  • Narsaq Town
  • Excursion to Hvalsey Church and Qaqortoq City, capital of South Greenland
  • Excursion in Igaliku & boat trip to Qooroq Ice Fjord
  • Tasiusaq, “the Icebergs Bay” and Qassiarsuk, the Viking Greenland