Dongbei – Encounter snow village

At A Glance

Known for its harsh winter climate, with extremely cold temperatures and heavy snowfall

Harbin is famous for its unique blend of Chinese and Russian cultures, a result of its history as a hub for trade and cultural exchange. The city was originally founded by the Russians in the late 19th century during the construction of the Chinese Eastern Railway. As a result, you can find architectural influences from both China and Russia in Harbin.

Destination Highlights

  • Enjoy unique dining place – Ice Palace
  • Experience riding a small forest train – watching wild animals
  • Visit Shenyang Imperial Palace – UNESCO Word Heritage Site
  • Explore Snow Village Scenic Area
  • Visit Harbin Ice & Snow World – A snow and ice kingdom that perfectly combines light and snow
  • Visit Yabuli Panda House – watch the northernmost online celebrity giant panda in China
  • Enjoy Snow Village Night View