Classic Portugal

At A Glance

Porto’s combination of historical charm, cultural attractions, and warm hospitality makes it a popular destination for travelers seeking an authentic Portuguese experience. Its unique blend of old and new, along with its delicious cuisine and wine, makes it a must-visit city in Europe.

Lisbon is the largest city in Portugal and is known for its stunning architecture, rich history, delicious cuisine, and lively cultural scene. Lisbon is a city of contrasts, blending its traditional charm with modernity.

Destination Highlights

  • Experience the labyrinth-like pathways and traditional houses of Porto
  • Visit Quinta do Seixo, an ancient property and modern winery
  • Explore the wonders of the old city of Lisbon
  • Discover the charming seaside village of Cascais
  • Enjoy lunch at Casal Branco, a beautiful estate of winemakers and horse breeders