4D3N Amazing Phu Quoc

At A Glance

A beautiful island located in the Gulf of Thailand, off the coast of Cambodia and the southwestern tip of Vietnam

With its idyllic beaches, natural attractions, and local culture, Phu Quoc has become a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists seeking a tranquil and tropical getaway in Vietnam.

Destination Highlights

  • Visit Sim Wireny farm – Sim wine is made from the local fruit called Sim or Rose Myrtle.
  • Visit Su Muon pagoda- is a renowned religious siet located on top of a hill. Dinh Cau Rock also known as Cau temple, is an odd-shaped natural formation
  • Island hoping to Dam Ngang island for fishing, Mong Tay island relax and swimming, Gam Ghi island for snorkerling & swimming, swimming, sun bathing at May rut island
  • Visit Grand world- everyone can experience 24-hours a day entertainment
  • Vinpearl land, an Amusement Park that has a massive entertainment
  • Visit Vinpearl Safari which has an area of 380 hectares, including a zoo and a safari.
  • Full itinerary :4D3N AMAZING PHU QUOC