11D Nordic Discoveries & Traditions

At A Glance

An 11-Day Polar Expedition Cruise: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Arctic Realm

PONANT invites you on an 11-day polar expedition cruise to the heart of the Arctic realm, where you can discover the enchanting Nordic traditions and awe-inspiring landscapes. This is a journey beyond the Arctic Circle, where you can truly disconnect and immerse yourself in pristine wilderness.

Begin your voyage in Tromsø, known as the “Gateway to the Arctic,” and embark on an unforgettable adventure. From the historic town of Narvik, nestled among impressive mountains, to the legendary Trollfjorden, where myths of trolls come to life, each destination offers a unique glimpse into the Arctic’s mysteries.

As you sail further north, explore the otherworldly Lofoten Islands and the northernmost town of Hammerfest. Experience the untouched beauty of Bear Island, and finally, reach the end of the world in Honningsvåg, where the northern lights dance in the sky.

Meet the local Sami people in Alta, and choose from a variety of shore excursions such as a King Crab Safari or dog sledding. Each day brings new opportunities for discovery and adventure, making this expedition a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Join us and succumb to the enchantment of the Arctic’s breathtaking landscapes and astonishing wildlife. From puffins and gannets to reindeer and Arctic foxes, the wildlife encounters on this expedition will leave you with cherished lifelong memories.

Destination Highlights


  • Day 1: PARIS to TROMSØ
    Welcome to your Arctic adventure. Meet the Ponant representative at the airport for your selected flight. Upon arrival in Tromsø, enjoy leisure time to explore this gateway to the Arctic. Embarkation begins at 4:00 pm, with departure set for 6:00 pm.
    Discover Narvik, nestled in the heart of impressive mountains that plunge into the Ofotfjord. Explore the historic Ofoten Railway towards Sweden or embark on a journey to the Polar Park, home to Arctic wildlife.
    Sail beyond the Arctic Circle to the Lofoten Islands, a place truly in “another world.” Choose from three shore excursions: the charms of Lofoten, an adventurous RIB boat ride in Leknes, or an Aurora Borealis hunt.
    Sail through the legendary Trollfjorden, a 2km long fjord accessible via the Raftsund Strait, flanked by towering rock faces. According to legend, trolls guard this majestic place, creating a magical atmosphere.
    Visit Hammerfest, located on the north-western coast of the island of Kvaløya, beyond the 70th parallel north. Often considered the northernmost town in the world, it offers a unique glimpse into Arctic life.
    Sail near the coastlines of Bjørnøya (Bear Island), the southernmost island of Svalbard. From your ship, observe this isolated piece of land discovered in 1596 by Dutch navigator Willem Barents while searching for the Northwest Passage.
    Arrive in Honningsvåg, halfway between Oslo and the North Pole. Here, you can witness the Northern Lights and explore immense cliffs teeming with puffins, gannets, and cormorants. Choose from three shore excursions: Nordkapp, Kamøyvær Village Discovery, or a King Crab Safari.
  • Days 8-9: ALTA
    Alta, located beyond the Arctic Circle, is the biggest city in Norway’s Finnmark county. Meet the local Sami people and choose from three shore excursions: Sami camp discovery, snowshoe hiking and ice fishing, or dog sledding.
  • Days 10-11: RETURN TO PARIS
    Disembark in the morning and transfer to the airport for your return flight to Paris. Reflect on the unforgettable memories of your Arctic expedition, where you experienced the enchantment of breathtaking landscapes and astonishing wildlife in the heart of the Arctic realm.