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Korea is a place that turns everyday life into something extraordinary. Here are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Korea:

  • Nami Island: Nami Island became a popular tourist attraction after appearing in the Korean drama “Winter Sonata (2002).” Originally just a hilltop, Nami Island became an island with the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam, which elevated the surrounding water level. The island is accessible by a boat and operated under the name “Naminara Republic” as a tourist attraction. Although it offers much to see, including the Metasequoia Lane, maple forest, and Winter Sonata statue, the island is rather small, allowing visitors to complete a full tour within half a day.
  • Itaewon: Itaewon neighborhood is a great place to just spend an afternoon wandering around. It’s especially fun in the early evening, when residents also come out to grab dinner and people watch. There’s an energy here that defines the cosmopolitan city, and it’s also a popular strolling spot for locals. You’ll see a lot of Korean families, kids, and couples, all enjoying the shops and restaurants.
  • Busan: Busan is the second largest city in the country, and its coast is lined with some beautiful beaches and resorts. There’s a lot of culture and history here, too. Be sure to visit the Beomeosa Temple and the hillside village of Gamecheon. Gamecheon is a European-style village on the cliffs above the sea, like Korea’s version of Santorini.
  • Jeju Island: A very popular resort destination (think the Hawaii of Korea), this volcanic island is best reached via a quick hour-long domestic flight from Seoul. The island boasts beautiful beaches along with a lot of culture and history. The highest mountain in South Korea (a dormant volcano called Hallasan) is here along with miles of giant lava tubes. The lava tubes, which can be explored, are natural air pockets in the hardened lava, the size of railway tunnels.

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