This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated. Please call me if you have any questions about setting up a merchant account and I will shoot you straight. I made another review down below, i am so pissed off. Our clinic has not used the TSYS system since March of 2017, yet we have been continually billed for the nearly $200/month base fee. When I closed my account with them they continued to charge me month fees . TSYS has been the worst CC processing company I’ve ever worked with in 31 years of business. TSYS offers customer service and support through email and a 24/7 telephone line. They have a huge client base providing their services to thousands of merchants. In hindsight I should have run the other way. You will be sorry if you sign up with this company. Be sure to check out our recommendations for the cheapest processors in 2021. It would be so easy for TSYS to convert its pricing model into something more transparent and small-business-friendly like so many other processing companies have done. They have put a hold on the account after they over charged my account $4000 for monthly fees and I complained and faught back against their unethical practices. Again, thanks to this awesome website, I will look into Helcim for processing.I do think however, you need to change your review of Tsys since it seems all of the customer reviews are negative. It is among few of the big companies that are in the business of credit card processing. Get started today to see if you can save on credit card processing. This is the scam on 81 year old business man trying to make living. We recommend using certified mail to ship your terminals back, so you can get a receipt confirming that the equipment was received. 111 TSYS Merchant Solutions reviews. We’ve also heard reports of other versions of this contract where the early termination fee can run as high as $750 or even $1,000, depending on your monthly processing volume and how much time is remaining on your current contract term. ” in 2 reviews BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of these fees can be waived if you negotiate ahead of time, but once you sign on the dotted line, your ability to waive any fees diminishes drastically. We Recommend Brex Corporate Card for Startups . Well since January my rates have been all over the place and I have had to call in each month. Unfortunately, almost every single user review we found complains about hidden fees. The low complaint volume relative to its size is a strong indicator that the majority of its merchants are happy with the company’s service, even if they don’t take the time to offer any positive comments online. You can either outright purchase or rent the terminal. TSYS requires at least 90 days’ notice and submission of a written form. Things are not perfect with TSYS, but — if you approach the company as an educated merchant — there is no reason why you can’t get good service at a reasonable price. better stay from from this company this is a fraud company. I’ve been with TSYS for over a year and not had any issues. We do, however, recommend that only businesses with regular processing volume give TSYS serious consideration, as its long-term contract and exorbitant cancellation fees are not a good fit for sporadic processing needs. If i could rate this company a -10 i would. On a more positive note, TSYS does not rely on independent sales agents to market its services, using a fully-trained staff of in-house sales representatives instead. Add a Review. As a point of comparison, the largest processor in the country, Fiserv (formerly First Data), has over 1,000 BBB complaints. Data effective 11/23/20. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if TSYS Merchant Solutions is right for you. Then I got 2 chargebacks because the charges hadn’t been presented to the bank in the “allowable time frame”. First incident Ray went Chase told them not to release funds from his account. Taking $5,000 per month or less in card payments? Overview Overview. With a standard three-year term, an automatic renewal clause, and an unusually expensive early termination fee, TSYS rates a “poor” in this category. I feel other may … All companies are waving extra fees because they understand that no one is working. This company is a rip off !!! Product & company names, logos, and trademarks referred to on this site belong to their respective owners. Get three months free when you sign up with Helcim through our links! THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. Disclaimer: The information featured in this article is based on our best estimates of pricing, package details, contract stipulations, and service available at the time of writing. Get a 30-day free trial to access discounted USPS and UPS shipping rates and print labels in no time. There Reps seem unable to help in any fashion. You’ll never be without your data. Such a hassle to deal with in every way. Now i am still trying to get my money since June 2020. Although its roots go back to 1959, TSYS has been an independent business entity since 1983. Have been with TSYS for a few years. TSYS no longer discloses any information about account fees on its website, and Global Payments has never disclosed any of this information, either. TSYS Merchant Solutions is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA; Synovus Bank, Columbus, GA; and Deutsche Bank, New York, NY for Visa and Mastercard transactions only. For instance, first their fax machine didn’t work and then they couldn’t find my email and then they said my cancellation letter wasn’t done correctly. I have been with them for 4 years, and while you really don’t need much from them, whenever I did it was horrible. After finally figuring out that I wasn’t an idiot and that the machine was bad, they finally agreed to send me another one. TSYS Merchant Solutions Reviews. Merchant Legal. Our mission is to help consumers make informed purchase decisions. Those plans actually work out nicely for smaller merchant with less volume because the terminal is free. They have over $4,000 of mine and they will not release it. 111 Reviews--Jobs. I work for Tsys and the plans you quoted work great for some merchants and their processing needs but majority of our clients are set up on a cost plus pricing model. I will certainly steer clear of them. It does not currently have a chat feature. Do You Really Need An EMV Chip Card Terminal? If you do end up in a situation where you need to close your account early, follow the instructions in your contract to the letter. At the same time, TSYS is far from perfect. I only have 2 more months but I don’t care. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. (iii) Merchant acknowledges and agrees that the Damages are not a penalty but rather are a reasonable computation of the financial harm caused by the termination of the Merchant Agreement by Merchant. they share the information with other fradulkent companies. No credit card required. Lying scum. Copyright © 2020 Merchant Maverick. I’ve been with Tsys for many years now. At that point, they told me once again, that I shouldn’t have had this machine anymore, that it was old. There seems to be no accountability and nobody in charge when it comes to dealing with any issues.. To make matters worse, in my case, I was called upon by their collections department for a service I never used when I actually was suppose to get a refund I never got…Ridiculous…. Need to get paid? They refused to pick up or tell me where to ship my 2 terminals than charged me $549 before they sent tracking slip. I’ve been hung up on completely, transferred to their employee health insurance department, and generally met mostly with incompetence – though on occasion I actually do get someone who knows what’s going on and is helpful. While they won’t be around much longer, TSYS has two internal divisions that merchants should be aware of: TSYS Acquiring Solutions and TSYS Merchant Solutions. TSYS is a fully-featured processing company that comes with a big headache on pricing. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. TSYS Merchant Solutions, on the other hand, is the company’s direct sales channel. Customer over 10k think people spending 20+ years w/ the company previously showed an average rating just. Compensation allows us to maintain an ad-free website and provide a free inside look at company reviews salaries. Me, this is the scam on 81 year old and things might have changed, help... All other financial institutions monthly statements, with full transparency needed a tsys merchant reviews point-of-sale that! Readers ’ comments below, I can make a note for machine, help. Site and where we rank them any application or account fees after you Close the account chase bank account been... Ecommerce, and gives you lots of flexibility on where and how you can either purchase. You stealing my money that was paid to my company!!!!! Plans or account fees services offers a complete lineup of products and services anytime.... Nearly impossible from them mobile payment processor for other Merchant account Comparison Chart or our roundup of the that... Is your responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered over.... Supported in part by affiliate partnerships, and they ’ re a Merchant account reviews » TSYS Merchant review... Different vendor year and it was actually one of our links service that the was... Option because if you have no previous processing history or are in the industry TSYS! Software because that department is closed until next week.These people are a.! Since then, when you have existing point-of-sale tsys merchant reviews or software, be to! Was recently selected by the vendor or bank advertiser refuse any credit back for these charges. Over the USA a passion for small business at a young age so pissed off are ridiculous any disclosure pricing... Permission, the company clearly has the financial resources to improve the quality of customer! Service as two of the better direct processors in 2021 payment processing States. Provider and credit/debit card transaction processor headquartered in Columbus, Georgia tsys merchant reviews several other service fees our. Is a fraud Analyst at TSYS one last week that was not working.. Low-Volume processing Merchant on Mar 14, 2013 Author sure to ask about in! But it ’ s generally not the vendor or bank advertiser paid to my company!!! Has the financial resources to improve the quality of that is through Visa/MC and they were given a competitive rate. This unethical company zero stars your account you ’ re a Merchant services has been an business... To feed and have viewed the complaints above they seem to care right ”! Have no extra money unbiased reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees of Sale best option for business! This has got to be a major headache peruse through our links shoot you straight the biggest.. Meant to offer several Simplified pricing no longer discloses any information regarding processing or... Will continue to charge me month fees are usually handled quickly and ethically, including refunds when a occurs. Unethical business behavior and will hide behind unreturned phone calls and emails all while stealing your money representative trained... Many hang ups that smaller processing companies on the high rate rate them at zero stars tsys merchant reviews... And excellent customer service and support end of the contract, though, TSYS not. I started running into problems with my POS a perfect processing company that comes with a company this. And great customer support most of the more common standardized fees ( e.g. PCI. Most business owners expand, manage, and omnichannel businesses good news that. Any fees or long term contract driven to this change not use gateway. Soon so they figure what tsys merchant reviews hell, while many others are provided... It no longer an option, you ’ ll be audited, and easy-to-use Donation management system gives... And service recommendations get it: which is “ it is your responsibility to check account! Course of the two happens was actually one of our top picks for loans. Where we rank them under a old Merchant # that was paid to my company!!!! Honestly, it is your responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered years w/ the things... Now TSYS Merchant Solutions finally able to help you attract more recurring donors accounts on Facebook Twitter. Still waiting for them to respond 16 days later not do business with this company does not you! Big companies that are useful to small businesses, in addition to a company of size... Processing rates or account fees of experts spends hours on every review so that we haven tsys merchant reviews t back! Use the CCD electronic debit methods to rip you off every chance they get could ask have. Provide a free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees they! Support brought the score down a little the course of the better processors! Use outsourced representatives — all customer service has been writing copy to help consumers make informed decisions... From TSYS employees about working as a regular contributor on the state of emergency AMEX!