Absolutely. callaojoe Máistir an pointe hocht. Impose: To obtrude or force on another or others. Teacher 'Inappropriately' Shares Anti-Trump Views: Superintendent - Woodstock-Towne Lake, GA - A River Ridge High School teacher is under fire for political … Teachers bashed President Trump in front of their students, and people continued to bully me for my views. When discussions about politics, race, sexual orientation, religion, class, or any other controversial issue come up in the classroom, it is critical for teachers to tread the fine line between merely sharing their personal views and forcing them onto their students. Let it go! Seems to me like you are looking for something to complain about. A teacher’s words have the tremendous power to influence students’ beliefs. First, the senator failed to recognize the fact that law is fundamentally about imposing somebody's views on somebody else. Do we talk about Politics? rat, Oct 21, 2019. rat, Oct 21, 2019. Imposition is the name of the game. Teachers should not share their political views with students outside of class, for three reasons. Good teachers are amazing and have a profound effect on so many of their students, and circling back to the topic...any teacher should not be impressing their political views on these impressionable kids, rather their knowledge on life and how to … Oct 21, 2019 #122 . Since before God and Man at Yale – William F. Buckley’s 1951 attack on his teachers at Yale – academics have been accused of seeking to indoctrinate students into liberal views. The teachers' unions and the Democrats, they just can't be allowed to trade our children's health education and welfare for their own obvious political gain. I don't think this is a legit case of someone 'imposing' their views on another. I would suggest doing the following when interacting with him other teachers that are pushing a political … It's all opinion. It is the very nature of law to impose particular views on people who don't want to have those views imposed on them. the political views of a teacher may vent their resentment upon the school system, its budget, its efforts. It's one thing to offer different view points up to foster a discussion, the line is crossed when your teacher tells you that your opinion is wrong. I teach High School Government, economics, and U.S. History. … I had to have my mom come pick me up after third hour that day. Anyway, maybe the examples I used were not the best but the question remains, are you comfortable with a teacher imposing their political views on your kids and nearly 100% here said no. Yet in recent years, ideological differences between faculty and students seem to have taken on a new character. Two major errors were incorporated into the senator's question. If all teachers were critiqued like this we wouldn't have any more teachers. Teachers are not the authority on politics, no one is. They get points for that. Firstly, teachers serve as role models and educators, in and outside the classroom. Targets of resentment are not always accurately selected.