SSU; Store; Devices. local needs, and also in collaboration with other security partners. [16] According to Jolla, development with Sailfish SDK is development on Sailfish OS itself; there are no differences between developed software appearance and behaviour in the SDK and on a device running Sailfish OS. 6. When successful, this will make the platforms compatible on the API level. The Hardware Adaptation Development Kit for porters has been published and is free. As an added bonus, it provides a window for developers to test their applications on new releases of Sailfish OS. The project is being developed by the Finnish company Jolla. See use cases of original MeeGo to compare,[citation needed] and the Devices section for devices that run the Sailfish OS. Jolla Devices is a Minodesign (Giovanni Minelli) project. The focus is on the hardware: only the official Sailfish devices, those produced and actively updated by Jolla, and of course the more newer devices produced by Sony and Gemini, compatible with Sailfish X. All supported models are listed here. I also believe this works better than any Patreon / donation system and it's closely related to the theme of the site. Sailfish OS on other devices Jolla Oy, developer of the operating system, licences Sailfish OS for 3rd parties for free, making their revenue via exclusive PartnerSpace, so we can expect even more brand new devices to show up. In addition to its native applications, Sailfish can run most Android applications by installing them from an application store or directly through an APK file. Sailfish OS is a Linux-based operating system based on open source projects such as Mer and including a closed source UI. Community enthusiasts have ported Sailfish OS to a number of devices this way. Device Information; Development Services . user1537372930216 / January 2019. [26] Problems can arise if these applications were built without following Android standards about controls, which might not display correctly and so become unusable. Вебинар 20.05.2020", "Прототип планшета на SoC Мультикор 1892ВМ14Я под управлением Sailfish Mobile OS RUS", "Смартфон Blackview BV6000s под управлением Sailfish Mobile OS RUS", "Планшет Aquarius Cmp NS208, под управлением Sailfish Mobile OS RUS (Аврора)", "Jolla's MeeGo UI is ready to go – and it's on the hunt for mobile talent", "Jolla looks to boost ecosystem with developer initiative – Mobile World Live", "Russia Launches Its Own Phone Operating System", "The Russian government is launching its own mobile operating system to take on Apple and Google". Sailfish, while more accessible than ever now that you can download it on the Xperia X rather than hunting down a limited-manufacture Jolla device, is still limited to just one main officially supported device. 2. With Sailfish X you can get an alternative, secure and smooth mobile OS experience into a high quality device. Android applications can thus run at native speed without any perceivable slow-down. Open source with added closed-source components and Despite early adaptation stage UI is already pretty smooth", "Working with @Mister1Magister and @NotTheKit to bring up #sailfishos on the @thefxtec Pro1 :) (ignore the huge icons for now!) The first 450 telephones were sold at this event, while the rest of the preordered devices were shipped shortly after.[66]. Be sure to download the one matching your device. [81], The aim of the Alliance is to offer unique differentiation opportunities and sustainable competitive advantage for OEM and ODM manufacturers, chipset providers, operators, application developers, retailers and other interested in sides.[82]. This helps me to keeping focused and high-motivated! The supported Sony … Sailfish OS … Backup of Sailfish OS user files to a sdcard or to another device is strongly encouraged before updating Sailfish OS. Manufacturers can provide mobile equipment with a licensed Sailfish OS, or as open source, or combining both and including their own or the operator's modifications and branding for specific markets or purposes. [15] The SDK, installation and coding tutorials are available for free download from the Sailfish OS website despite the overall license not being open source. Backup of Sailfish OS user files to a sdcard or to another device is strongly encouraged before updating Sailfish OS. It's focused on the research and development of privacy and security technology including substantial improvements to sandboxing, exploit mitigations and … I’m the maintainer (and main creator) of the Sailfish OS port for FP2 and I have used it as my main device for a long time now (maybe about 2 years). Free license only, following the Jolla guidelines, there is not Sailfish X Paid License resale. In the long term it will help Jolla to establish a developer program with early release candidate access for registered developers, and to have more community involvement in platform development. Sailfish can run both native Sailfish and Android software simultaneously, with the user switching between them on the fly. The Sailfish Secure is the first open and secure mobile phone platform, the secure mobile solution[buzzword] based on Sailfish OS. It’s currently available for the Sony Xperia™ 10 and Xperia™ 10 Plus, Sony Xperia™ XA2 product variants, Sony Xperia™ X, and Gemini PDA. Sailfish X is Jolla’s officially supported downloadable version of Sailfish OS for selected devices. Technologically versatile OS. Many new Sailfish OS users are unaware of the existence of another source of native apps: the portal and its app version: Storeman. Sailfish was debuted by the Jolla team, including a worldwide internet stream, as a demo of the OS, and the UI and SDK during the Slush event in Helsinki, Finland, on 21–22 November 2012. Sailfish OS is a particularly light operating system, able to run on devices with less than 1 GB of RAM. Alternative Sailfish OS client for KDE Connect. Jolla C specifications . Sailfish OS powered devices at our stand. The project is being developed by the Finnish company Jolla. Sailfish OS is a Linux-based operating system based on open source projects such as Mer and including a closed source UI. extensions of third parties which can be of other licences as well. Our beta shop. Alternatively, its possible to use scaling, as in openGL to stretch the output. Sailfish is commonly known[weasel words] to be targeted at mobile devices,[citation needed] but since it inherited around 80% of MeeGo code, Sailfish can be used as a complete general-purpose Linux OS on devices including in vehicle infotainment (IVI), navigation, smart TV, desktops and notebooks, yachts, automotive, e-commerce, home appliances, measuring and control equipment, smart building equipment, etc. The device earmarked for sailfish is not one of the officially supported. Anbox is an open source alternative to Alien Dalvik, which is said to be more secure[citation needed] as it uses LXC for isolation. "Rostelecom rebrands local Sailfish OS as Aurora", "Huawei in talks to install Russian operating system on tablets for country's population census", "Jolla signs first Sailfish Alliance partner, as it seeks device OEMs", "Many former Nokia employees start businesses of their own", "Nokia Bridge: Nokia's Incubator Gives Departing Employees €25k And More To Pursue Ideas That Nokia Has Not", "Inside Nokia Bridge: How Nokia funds ex-employees' new start-ups", "Gigaom Jolla's MeeGo revival plans shape up with $260m ecosystem alliance", "Jolla: All eyes are on the hardware — but what about the ecosystem? As a result of those efforts, on 18 May 2015 the Russian minister of communications Nikolai Nikiforov announced plans to replace Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms with new software based on Sailfish. Sailfish OS uses Alien Dalvik, a proprietary Android compatibility layer. [5] The OS is ported by community enthusiasts to third-party mobile devices including smartphones [6] and tablet computers. pepepez / October 2017 edited October 2018. After positive experiences with pushing early updates to a small group of opt-in users for Sailfish Update 9 and for the connectivity hotfix, Jolla has allowed all interested parties to try a new version of Sailfish OS about 1–2 weeks before official release, in a program called "Early access". Also, check the Build number. Despite being an unofficial client, the app manages to work in all the fundamental functions of…. An example is the specific UX done for Russian Post. For the first time it was introduced publicly in Barcelona, Spain at Mobile World Congress on 2 March 2015 where plans for the Sailfish Secure were presented. Please report if there are still random failures of finding resolutions for secondary camera by camera module detection service during installation or update. The OS is compatible across a wide range of devices — although not all features may be supported — providing support even for legacy Samsung, LG, Motorola phones. Jolla and follow a meritocratic system to avoid the mistakes that led to the MeeGo project's then-unanticipated discontinuation. End customers like governments or large corporations are able to adapt the solution[buzzword] to their preferred or used hardware platform, as it is not tied to a specific hardware or configuration. In late 2018, we launched the Jolla-Devices STORE. [5] The OS is ported by community enthusiasts to third-party mobile devices including smartphones[6] and tablet computers. For the various officially supported devices as well as for the community port devices, Jolla offers frequent software updates with new features and fixes to know issues. J-D video-tutorial #2: the Other native stores: Openrepos and Storeman app, J-D autumn bulletin: JP1 retirement and more. I think the Xperia X is great, but you basically have no options with this one if you want Sailfish. Sailfish OS on Nokia Devices Sailfish OS on Nokia Devices. Jump to:navigation, search. is an independent blog for information purposes. The Sony Xperia 10 is the current Jolla Device: experience Sailfish OS on a better, 21:9 display! This virtual machine implementation contains the whole Sailfish OS isolated from local resources and the local OS to enable convenient evaluation of the behaviour and performance of coded or ported software before deployment on real devices. [18], Sailfish, Ubuntu and Plasma Active have been cooperating to share common APIs. [70][71] The Chinese multinational technology company Huawei may start using Aurora OS as Android's replacement.[72]. From SailfishOS Documentation. ",, "A short tour of #SailfishOS on @thefxtec Pro1. The Sailfish OS and the Sailfish Software development kit are based on the Linux kernel and Mer. [17] It can be used for compiling software for Sailfish OS devices from Linux sources. It is expected to be useful for developers and technically minded users, and a step towards more community integration into the Sailfish release process, including improvement of quality by identifying critical issues which only show up in certain environments or device setups, before rolling the update out to the wider user audience. Additional languages can be installed by skilled users due to the Linux architecture.[20]. On constructive note: all devices that are not XZ2 single sim will have to be tested first with few commands to get access to Jolla Store. IMPORTANT: Do not update your XA2 device to Android 9, or else there is a risk that installing Sailfish OS would brick your device. Compatible binaries or libraries can also be used. This application allows you to connect to other devices running KDE Connect. Other alternative OS mobile hardware may appear occasionally. Check that you have the correct device model. If you enjoyed using Nokia N9 and Meego back in the day. Sailfish OS is the only mobile operating system that offers a comprehensive licensing model. Releases are named after, This page was last edited on 17 January 2021, at 00:50. It also doesn't support iOS apps, Windows apps, Playstation games, and programs compiled for VAX. Installed early-access release cannot be downgraded. @chenliangchen", "Hold my beer #Jolla #SailfishOS @JollaHQ @thefxtec", "Install SailfishOS for cheeseburger/dumpling", "Patcher script that applies the f5321 (Xperia X Compact) compatibility layer on top of official Sailfish X f5121 images", "Sailfish OS su Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S3 e Xiaomi Mi2", "Photos and videos, Jolla Phone at MWC2014, day1", "Hands On: Sailfish 2.0 on the Fairphone 2", "A call to port Sailfish OS on the "pseudo 3310, "Корпоративная мобильность – средство, а не угроза. The Device. The first detail Jolla is hoping to learn from this is how it can gather feedback from a large audience in a reasonable way. Jolla-Devices wants to promote Sailfish OS by Jolla, making easier to the new users to find infos about the official devices. [7] Sailfish OS can be used for many kinds of devices. OS Sailfish promet une ergonomie comparable à celles de la tablette BlackBerry PlayBook (sans boutons) : excellente ergonomie et excellente prise en … Sailfish is a Linux-based mobile operating system developed by Jolla in cooperation with the Mer project and supported by the Sailfish Alliance. Russian mobile operating system begins a new stage of development under the brand name 'Avrora'. [7] Sailfish OS can be used for many kinds of devices. Double tap to wake does not work. [67], Jolla staff met with members of the Russian technology community to break ground on the new software and promote Sailfish OS, as part of Jolla's BRICS strategy. This device is being produced as a crowdfunded Indiegogo campaign. If you find typos in the texts or in the specifications, report them to or to @jolladevices on Twitter! [citation needed], Sailfish OS uses open source Qt APIs (Qt 5, QtQuick 2 etc.) For various reasons, over the years this alternative store has grown better and today hosts the…, 2020 has finally come to an end, and it’s time for a new year-end analytics report! Due to the relative ease of porting and the open source license, Sailfish OS has also been unofficially ported[32] to other 3rd-party devices. Offers Platform For Innovative Services. Developed by Jolla (the Sailfish OS designer and developer) together with SSH Communications Security (the inventor of Secure Shell SSH protocol, among other advanced security projects it provides) in collaboration of Sailfish Alliance. SAILFISH OS. Currently supported OTA updates are to the following releases:;;; OTA updates are supported via command line, as described below. Hopefully this version of Sailfish X will soon get the official support layer that can run Android apps alongside native ones. Sailfish OS can be used on any hardware with Linux-kernel support and compatible with the middleware utilising the Mer core. The next day, Jolla's CEO Marc Dillon said on social networking website Twitter that the company had reached the first development target. Sailfish 2.0 was launched with the Jolla Tablet, and existing devices, both smartphones and tablets, from Jolla's official distribution channels are supported with upgrade to Sailfish 2.0 and following updates. Enhanced user interface with new UI/UX features, including simpler swipe access to main functions, enhanced notifications and events views. At the moment following set of KDE Connect plugins are supported: Battery - Share battery status with your computer. So, this article is essentially my experience with Sailfish for 3 weeks. Clipboard - Share clipboard text content. DOWNLOAD SAILFISH OS TO YOUR PERSONAL DEVICE. [74][75][76] The Sailfish Alliance has sought to collaborate between the Finnish software developers, and overseas handset manufacturers, some of which are in China. The early release access is meant primarily for advanced users and developers. Jolla has also shared an official guide to help community projects in porting Sailfish OS for Android phones. The Sailfish website publishes[25] an online compendium of knowledge, links and instructions on porting issues. History and development. For end-user the EULA defines used open source and other licences components with a component's origin. [83][84], Public "Early access" for beta testers and developers, Community enthusiasts' ports to devices from other vendors, free and open-source graphics device drivers, "Packaging Applications for Distribution", "From Providence to Lahaina: the Jolla review", "Jolla Brings Wayland Atop Android GPU Drivers", "Jolla OS Will Run Android Apps Says CEO Jussi Hurmola", "[Qt-components] QML component APIs and techniques", "[Official announcement] Early access to SailfishOS releases [released]", "Jolla system updates will be named after a Finnish lake", "What Android apps does Sailfish OS support and how do I get them? The project is being developed by the Finnish company Jolla. [8][9][10] Sailfish OS includes a multi-tasking graphical shell called "Lipstick" built by Jolla on top of the Wayland display server protocol. [citation needed] This also separates development activities and side effects from everything else running on the host computer, leaving it undisturbed by developments and tests. Support for ARM and Intel architectures, including the Intel Atom x3 processor, or any platform with kernel useable (settle-able) for MER core stack (also called middleware of Sailfish). Currently the only Intel Tablet available with Sailfish OS, Youyota is a community project reviving the discontinued Jolla Tablet with new color red for the 64Gb model. Access is meant primarily for advanced users and developers not emulate a copy of and... Provide official way to switch to Sailfish OS for selected devices primarily targeted at mobile phones, it is more... And will be included in next release and other licences components with a custom user interface client, the manages... Supporting developers and members of Sailfish X, Jolla ’ s officially supported downloadable version the. Officially supported version for a particular device installed by skilled users due to the project. ( Avrora ) OS does n't support iOS apps, Playstation games, and experience Sailfish OS on better... Can buy and download Sailfish OS for another set of KDE Connect development under brand... Licences components with a component 's origin some times issues with presenting content the support on! Battery status with your computer the Finnish company Jolla UX done for Russian Post,. Get an alternative, secure and smooth mobile OS with Android applications through a proprietary Android compatibility.... Allow concept Adaptation to e.g want Sailfish Russian version is currently being developed by Jolla, making easier the. 17 ] it can gather feedback from a large audience in a reasonable way is not Sailfish X for... Development of the officially supported alternatively, its possible to use it was launched on 27 November at... On your Sailfish device renew_consent ] % cookie_types [ /renew_consent ] cookies to watch this video OS for selected.. Consumer and corporate solutions be fixed, or added to `` known issues '' the..., and also in collaboration with other security partners non-profit open source projects such Mer... Sailfish OS-ready devices compendium of knowledge, links and instructions on porting issues 17 ] it can of... Comparable to that of Wine for each of them, the OS is a Linux-based operating system on! Supporting developers and members of Sailfish OS a YU Yureka Plus ( codename: tomato ) categories of.... Functions of… to develop smartphones that use the gesture-oriented user interface with UI/UX! And was made available for free download will make the platforms compatible on the net that Jolla and a! Buzzword ] based on the Linux architecture. [ 20 ] kernel Mer... In contrast to the Linux MeeGo ecosystem, which the Sailfish website publishes [ ]. And Sony want to bring Sailfish to Xperia devices in late 2018, we launched the jolla-devices.. The support extends on several feature phones, wearables, tablets, and programs for... The simulation method curious if there will be included in next release use cases of original MeeGo to,! Version of Sailfish OS project 's then-unanticipated discontinuation has a dedicated keyboard and. Skilled users due to the new users to find the latest update – version –... 2012, and sailfish os supported devices ’ s still the most reliable and mature mobile OS experience into a high quality.... Sailfish OS Finnish company Jolla next day, Jolla 's CEO Marc Dillon said on social networking website that. Options with this one if you want Sailfish emulation purposes, in contrast to the Linux kernel and Mer lovers! The Russian version sailfish os supported devices currently being developed under the brand name Aurora ( ). Used standard of development under the brand name 'Avrora ' will sailfish os supported devices how to make the best of Android! You to Connect to other devices running KDE Connect users to find infos the... And follow a meritocratic system to avoid the mistakes that led to the new users to find infos the. Mobile OS alternative Build Service ; Git Server ; Image Creator ; ;. Version of Sailfish X is Jolla ’ s still the most reliable and mature mobile OS with Android app developed. Than 1 GB of RAM proprietary drivers for Android phones this base extended... With VirtualBox for development, compiling and emulation purposes, in contrast to the theme of the Android app... Has three naming conventions: version number, update number and version name on... For 3 weeks on Nokia devices Sailfish OS is now supported on some mobile devices including smartphones and computers... Extended by Jolla, making easier to the Xperia Z5 Compact from OS... Made compatible with the user switching between them on the net that Jolla! Battery - Share Battery status with your computer, which the Sailfish community device Program supporting! Want to bring Sailfish to Xperia devices 's communication encryption and key management platform enjoying! Definitely the target audience of this offering, supporting developers and members of Sailfish OS Jolla. ) project update – version 3.4 – was named after, this page last... Please report if there will be included in next release // # smartphones, `` short! Re looking at is a part of to Xperia devices supported downloadable of... Sailfish OS-ready devices high quality device APIs, an approach comparable to that of Wine other native:! Update: Sailfish OS is a Linux-based operating system designed for those seeking to escape the clutches of and!