93. Francois de La Rouchefoucauld once remarked that there is only one kind of love, but there He held that Art consists in the faithful imitation of the beautiful in nature. High quality example sentences with “crude imitation” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. It may seem weird simply copying someone else’s work: Isn’t that plagiarism? How To Use Imitation In A Sentence? Contenders for the best top chick movies out there include Pretty Woman, Steel Magnolias, Beaches, Sabrina, Grey Gardens, and Imitation of Life. limitation. You may see them referred to as imitation Oakleys, Faux-kleys, knockoff Oakleys, replica Oakleys, and so on, but the bottom line is this: They are designed to look like the more expensive Oakleys out there. For many ardent sports fans, the imitation of wearing the same brand of shades may be the ultimate form of flattery. These classes do not appear in Egypt before the 2nd century; Strack conjectures that they were created in imitation of the Seleucid court. The Romans, admired them, and the emperors carried off some from their original sites and caused others to be made in imitation (e.g. In the following year he gave to the world the Indian Edda, The Song of Hiawatha, a conscious imitation, both in subject and metre, of the Finnish epic, the Kalevala, with which he had become acquainted during his second visit to Europe. He controlled the movements of the wings, and made them strike downwards and forwards in imitation of natural wings. All Rights Reserved. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. 4. There are also many imitation black pearls that have been dyed to resemble Tahitian pearls. If the imitation is exact, the term _strict imitation _ is applied, but if only approximate, then the term _free imitation _ is used in referring to it.. Fuseli and Coleridge falsely apply the term imitation, making "a distinction between imitation and copying, representing the first as the legitimate function of art -- the latter as its corruption." Sentence Imitation. Why would you choose an imitation wood or stone floor when you can have the real thing? With regard to Ecgbert the word is doubtless given as a title in imitation of its earlier use, and the same remark applies to its use in ZEthelstan's charter. Instructions . A real pearl has a substantial weight, while an imitation pearl is very light. Overlimitz is a site worth checking out if you are interested in ordering wholesale imitation Oakleys. Description . Sajid Humayun Imitation, tutoring and tool-use in human infancy. One variety forms the ground of a very good imitation of porphyry; and there is a dull semi-transparent red which, when light is passed through it, appears to be of a dull green hue. King Seleucus derives from Plutarch and has a prose prologue of real interest for the history of the stage, while Filodemo is a clever tragi-comedy in verse with prose dialogues interspersed. In Caulerpa the imitation of a higher plant by the differentiation of fixing, supporting and assimilating organs (root, stem and leaf) from different branches of the single cell is strikingly complete. While many antique and traditional designs are still created and mimicked today, they are often a poor imitation of the original. imitation of the New Testament practice; and where it is not marred by undue prolixity commends itself to most Christian people as a solemn and impressive service. imitation sentence in English. Learning how to tell the difference between real pearls and imitation pearls can also help couples find genuine pearl rings. You may consider an imitation diamond ring for many reasons. These salts crystallize out when the water is partially evaporated and may be used with hot water at home, the best imitation of the Carlsbad water being obtained by mixing with hot water the powdered Carlsbad salts (pulverformig), which contain all the constituents of the natural water. then Aquinas (and his rivals), are pre-eminent for system, Anselm and Abelard for originality, Bernard of Clairvaux as the theologian who represents medieval piety at its purest and in its most characteristic forms, while Thomas a Kempis's devotional masterpiece, On the Imitation of Christ, with Tauler's Sermons and the Theologia Germanica, belong to the world's classics. Was this limitation a reason for sacrificing the advantages we had gained? The view which denies the Pauline authorship of Ephesians has to suppose the existence of a great literary artist and profound theologian, able to write an epistle worthy of Paul at his best, who, without betraying any recognizable motive, presented to the world in the name of Paul an imitation of Colossians, incredibly laborious and yet superior to the original in literary workmanship and power of thought, and bearing every appearance of earnest sincerity. Depending on the sample sentences, students can learn how to use appositives, participial phrases, subordinate clauses, or parallel structure (among others) in their writing. Quality imitation dark pearls can be an affordable option for a beautiful ring. Je trouve que cette porte en imitation de pierre n’est pas assez sûre. We might mislead ourselves if we interpreted this expression as referring to moral goodness; on the other hand, Plato more than most of the Greeks thinks of moral virtue as an imitation of God. Unlike imitation diamonds such as cubic zirconia or cleverly cut quartz, artificial diamonds are real diamonds, they just form through a more controlled, supervised process. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Which is a roundabout way of saying I'm about to pinch Mark's idea and attempt a pale imitation of it here. Here they readily imbibed the ideas of Louis XIV.-, and in a short time nearly every petty court in Germany was a feeble imitation of Versailles. Written in imitation of the De vitis Caesarum of Suetonius, this is the best contemporary account of the life of Charlemagne, and could only have been written by one who was very intimate with the emperor and his court. Need to translate "DIE IMITATION" from german and use correctly in a sentence? In the manufacture of ornamental glass the leading idea in China seems to be the imitation of natural stones. A variety of the cuckoo called hototogisu (Cuculus poliocephalus) in imitation of the sound of its voice, is heard as an accompaniment of the uguisu, and there are also three other species, the kakkodori (Cuculus canorus), the Isutsu-dori (C. himalayanus), and the masuhakari, orju-ichi (C. hyperythrus). Use each of the ten complex sentences below as the model for a new sentence of your own. Sentence with the word imitation. It is a free imitation and in parts a translation of the work of Apollonius of Rhodes, already familiar to the Romans in the popular version of Varro Atacinus. Three pair of blue eyes stared back at her from the first stall, and tiny pink cleft muzzles lifted in a cute imitation of their mother's broken cry of joy. On the controversy as to the author of the Imitatio, see the article IMITATION OF CHRIST. The imitation of sounds is an instinctive operation. The Martian did likewise in imitation. His works bear the title "operas" because, though written mainly in prose, they contain songs which Silva introduced in imitation of the true operas which then held the fancy of the public. Visits to the Iles d'Hieres, and the composition of a fish sauce in imitation of the ancient garum, which he sent to his friend Etienne Dolet, are associated, not very certainly, with his stay at Montpellier, which, lasting rather more than a year at first, was renewed at intervals for several years. It was an imitation of the mansion. Hebrew religious poetry was revived for synagogue hymnology, and, partly in imitation of Arabian models, a secular Hebrew poetry was developed in metre and rhyme. It was customary to indicate by marks those passages which were especially useful for study or imitation. At the same time, an imitation black pearl is a good option for couples on a budget. - The Phoenicians, in imitation of the Egyptians, claimed that their oldest cities had been founded by the gods themselves, and that their race could boast an antiquity of 30,000 years (Africanus in Syncellus, p. 31). One on the history of Oleg, the more or less legendary Varangian, who was guardian to the son of Rurik, was described by her as an "imitation of Shakespeare.". The revival of learning produced in Spain no slavish imitation as it did in Italy, no formal humanism, and, it may be added, very little of fruitful scholarship. Here’s a breakdown of how the ‘imitation as inspiration’ exercise works: Identify a sentence or short paragraph from a favorite work that, for whatever reason, strikes you as particularly powerful. Updated April 12, 2017 A complex sentence is a sentence that contains an independent clause and at least one dependent clause. The imitation of Cicero was carried on with varying degrees of success by humanists such as Gasparino da Barzizza (d. Both of these papal secretaries were mentioned in complimentary terms by Erasmus in his celebrated dialogue, the Ciceronianus (1528), in which no less than one hundred and six Ciceronian scholars of all nations are briefly and brilliantly reviewed, the slavish imitation of Cicero denounced, and the law laid down that " to speak with propriety we must adapt ourselves to the age in which we live - an age that differs entirely from that of Cicero.". 1 The genial fellowship of the philosophic community that he collected in his garden remained a striking feature in the traditions of his school; and certainly the ideal which Stoics and Epicureans equally cherished of a brotherhood of sages was most easily realized on the Epicurean plan of withdrawing from political and dialectical conflict to simple living and serene leisure, in imitation of the gods apart from the fortuitous concourse of atoms that we call a world. An imitation material is not always guaranteed to stand the test of time. It was a period of religious revival, and of reaction against abuses that followed in the wake of the feudal system; and this religious movement was informed by a new mysticism - a mysticism that fixed its attention mainly on the humanity of Christ and found its practical expression in the imitation of His life. 2. But the work which gained him his reputation as the Homer of Rome, and which called forth the admiration of Cicero and Lucretius and frequent imitation from Virgil, was the Annales, a long narrative poem in eighteen books, containing the record of the national story from mythical times to his own. MODEL SENTENCE: The gallows stood in a small yard, separate from the main grounds of the prison, and overgrown with tall prickly weeds.--George Orwell, "A Hanging" (Write a sentence according to the pattern of the model sentence.) imitation. In the French drama an unimaginative imitation of ancient models had long prevailed; even in art Poussin and Le Sueur were successful by expressing a bias in the same direction; and in the first years of the revolutionary movement the fashion of imitating the ancients even in dress and manners went to the most extravagant length. This download includes: 1 Adapted Book (w/Real Photos) 1 Set of Sentenc Toys that focus on cooperative play can be an effective way to promote the development of skills like sharing, turn taking, communication, and imitation. declamatory style was framed in imitation of the Eastern authors. Learn Ludwig. The book is a poor imitation of the ancient Jewish one. That peculiar kind of glass usually called schmelz, an imperfect imitation of calcedony, was also made at Venice in the 15th century. It can be a bit like early flicks with people doing a passable imitation of Charlie Chaplin. 2. Example: Original sentence: Whenever I look at a mountain, I expect it to turn into a volcano. In many passages his work gives the impression of being not so much an imitation of the ancient Germanic epic, as a genuine example of it, though concerned with the deeds of other heroes than those of Germanic tradition. Examples of imitations in a sentence: 1. In rhetoric and composition studies, sentence imitation is an exercise in which students study a sample sentence and then imitate its structures, supplying their own material. The origin of these games was generally attributed to Romulus; but by some they were considered an imitation of the Arcadian ilroroKpisrECa introduced by Evander. In 1842-1849, King Louis built himself to the west of the town a country house, called the Pompeianum, from its being an imitation of the house of Castor and Pollux at Pompeii. Flea markets in large cities and foreign countries are also known for their imitation shades. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Among the fancy cloths made in cotton may be mentioned: matting, which includes various kinds with some similarity in appearance to a matting texture; matelasse, which is in some degree an imitation of French dress goods of that name; pique, also of French origin, woven in stripes in relief, which cross the width of the piece, and usually finished stiff; Bedford cord, a cheaper variety of pique in which the stripes run the length of the piece; oatmeal cloth, which has an irregular surface suggesting the grain of oatmeal, commonly dyed cream colour; crimp cloth, in which a puckered effect is obtained by uneven shrinkage; grenadine, said to be derived from Granada, a light dress material originally made of silk or silk and wool; brilliant, a dress material, usually with a small raised pattern; leno, possibly a corrupt form of the French linon or lawn, a kind of fancy gauze used for veils, curtains, &c.; lappet, a light material with a figure or pattern as lawn, batiste, serge, huckaback, galloon, and a large number of names are of obvious derivation and use, such as umbrella cloth, apron cloth, sail cloth, book-binding cloth, shroud cloth, 1 Including Federated Malay States. Burke wrote his Vindication of Natural Society in imitation of Bolingbroke's style, but in refutation of his principles; and in the Reflections on the French Revolution he exclaims, "Who now reads Bolingbroke, who ever read him through?". His Amphitryons is a free imitation of the Latin, yet thoroughly national in spirit and cast in the popular redondilha; the dialogue is spirited, the situations comic. Synthetic or imitation rubies are also available usually at considerably lower costs. Beyond that, sentence imitation is fun. “His face was bloody, his shirt torn and bloody down the front.” (Hal Borland, When the Legends Die) a. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Synonym Discussion of imitate. Sentence Imitation. Olive, a collection of love-sonnets written in close imitation of Petrarch, first appeared in 1549. He was called "Xenophon the younger" from his imitation of that writer, and he even speaks of himself as Xenophon. Pearl rings: Sweet and simple, a silver ring with a real or imitation pearl is an appropriate token of thanks. Others think that motor mimicry is primitive empathy and if we could explain imitation we would be on the way to explaining empathy. Of the secular buildings in Wurzburg the most conspicuous is the palace, a huge and magnificent edifice built in1720-1744in imitation of Versailles, and formerly the residence of the bishops and grand-dukes of Wiirzburg. Students imitate the structure of sample sentences with their own content. Numerous other institutions have been started in Great Britain in imitation of Dr Walther's with a considerable amount of success. Soon after the Nicene council, the Jews, in imitation of the Christians, abandoned the cycle of eighty-four years, and adopted that of Meton, by which their lunisolar year is regulated at the present day. He had carefully studied the English constitution in England, and he hoped to establish in France a system similar in principle: but without any slavish imitation of the details of the English constitution. I shall assume that she has the normal child's capacity of assimilation and imitation. There are nine windows, three on each fa�e, and the ceiling is admirably diversified with inlaid-work of white, blue and gold, in the shape of circles, crowns and stars - a kind of imitation of the vault of heaven. During a short period (1845-1850) an imitation of Etruscan ware was also produced with figures of rich red colour over a body of black. Sentence Imitation - for Any Grade! In imitation of the English order of the Garter, he established the knightly order of the Star, and celebrated its festivals with great display. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "imitate" There is an expression that says that imitation is the sincerest form of flatteryMy friend can imitate the teacher's voice so well that if you don't see him when he's doing it, you think it is her. barcaruola, a boat-song), properly a musical term for the songs sung by the Venetian gondoliers, and hence for an instrumental or vocal composition, generally in 6-8 time, written in imitation of their characteristic rhythm. The Wartburg The festival of October 1818, which issued in nothing Wartburg worse than the solemn burning, in imitation of Dr festival, Martin Luther, of Kamptzs police law, a corporals 18). Filter. She sat crumpled up by an open gas fire of imitation logs. Imitation pearls are practically valueless and mainly used in theatrical costuming. It remained undisturbed till the night of the 22nd of November, when a band of about 40 men dressed as Indians, in imitation of the Boston party, broke into the cellar and made a bonfire of the tea. Dried leaves, fake pumpkins and imitation gourds are the perfect materials to use for some crafting activities. "By gosh, I think I've got it," she spoke in a poor imitation of British accent. The innermost chamber was the chapel proper: on its western side was sculptured an imitation door for the dead man to pass through, when he wished to participate in the offerings brought by pious relatives. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. San Francesco di Paolo, opposite the royal palace, is an imitation of the Pantheon at Rome by Pietro Bianchi di Lugano (1815-1837), and its dome is one of the boldest in Europe. And after this a pervigilium, celebrated with antiphonal and joint singing on the part of men and women and with choral dancing in imitation of Moses and Miriam at the Red Sea. Within half a dozen years no fewer than fifty-four new prisons were built on the Pentonville plan, which now began to serve generally as a "model" for imitation, not in England alone, but all over the world. In the end, the only system that works well, across the board, is the one that involves perfect imitation. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Imitation lures were used to catch fish who mistook the bait for real insects. 3. A series of the apes, arranged from lower to higher orders, shows gradations from a brain little higher that that of a rat, to a brain like a small and imperfect imitation of a man's; and the greatest structural break in the series lies not between man and the manlike apes, but between the apes and monkeys on one side, and the lemurs on the other. No doubt, you've heard the saying, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.". From the imitation of Christ. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. A quality imitation diamond ring can last a lifetime with proper care. The second half of the 15th century was destined to be the age of academies in Italy, and the regnant passion for antiquity satisfied itself with any imitation, however grotesque, of Greek or Roman institutions. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Shortly after, in conjunction with his friends the Verris, he formed a literary society, and began to publish a small journal, in imitation of the Spectator, called Il Cafe. The necklace was a cheap imit Another word for imitating. Three pair of blue eyes stared back at her from the first stall, and tiny pink cleft muzzles lifted in a cute imitation of their mother's broken cry of joy. How to use imitation in a sentence. It is a modern take on imitation flowers. The imitation of Dutch arrangements has been avoided, and the natural advantages of the situation and climate have been turned to account. imitation of nature; the other is about shapes. The name is an imitation of the shrill barking neigh of the animal, "oug-ga, oug-ga," the last syllable very much prolonged; it is also commonly applied to the bonnte-quagga, or Burchell's zebra (see Horse and Zebra) . Now renamed simply Hancock, the season was overall a pale imitation of its former glory. It is a good conductor of heat, and therefore feels colder to the touch than glass and imitation stones. Due to its phenomenal success, American Idol has spawned thousands of imitation websites. The Nabataean type starts from the simple pylon-tomb with a door set in a tower crowned by a parapet ornament, in imitation of the front of a dwelling-house; then, after passing through various stages, the full Nabataean type is reached, retaining all the native features and at the same time exhibiting characteristics which are partly Egyptian and partly Greek. 179. Although crying is a child's primary means of communication at birth, language immediately begins to develop via repetition and imitation. , My mother is convinced that imitation coffee creamer tastes nothing like the name brand product. 9), based on the best extant authorities; in Latin, the imitation of Apollonius (a free translation or adaptation of whose Argonautica was made by Terentius Varro Atacinus in the time of Cicero) by Valerius Flaccus. In one, a large circular tomb, were found three sepulchral couches in stone, carved in imitation of wood, and a fine statuette in bronze of Ajax committing suicide. "The Imitation Game " was a commercial and critical success. It was a farmers son named OkyO, trained in his youth to paint in the Chinese manner, who was first bold enough to adopt as a canon what his predecessors had only admitted under rare exceptions, the principle of an exact imitation of nature. It is stated by D'Herbelot that the era of the Hegira was instituted by Omar, the second caliph, in imitation of the Christian era of the martyrs. Many celebrity rings are available as inexpensive replicas, using cubic zirconia or other imitation stones set in cheaper metals. The mannerism, which has been attributed to an imitation of Jean Paul, appeared to Carlyle himself to be derived rather from the phrases current in his father's house, and in any case gave an appropriate dialect for the expression of his peculiar idiosyncrasy. It was natural that warning voices should then be raised in the Church against secular tendencies, that the wellknown counsels about the imitation of Christ should be held up in their literal strictness before worldly Christians. Here are many translated example sentences containing "BY IMITATION" - english-french translations and search engine for english translations. When investigating a used bag, however, it is vital to verify its authenticity to avoid paying for an imitation or counterfeit purse. Imitation sentence examples. Occam was a sincere Franciscan, and believed with his master that salvation was won through rigid imitation of Jesus in His poverty and obedience, and up to his days it had always been possible for Franciscans to follow the rules of their founder within his order.'. In 1905 an art pottery was established for making "crystal patina" and "robin's egg blue" wares, in imitation, to a certain extent, of old oriental pottery, and Clifton India ware, in imitation of pottery made by the American Indians. 1. , $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["45ba4f61-76ac-4b3d-94d4-c9019d2ebe3c"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["418b1e7b-a189-47b4-952a-43e52a926ad5"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["9b588b9a-598a-47f4-bc83-ba2fd303e5df"]); }). Pearl types include imitation, natural, freshwater, and cultured. The Swiss produced imitation batik in the early 1940s. Shoppers often stroll through the store just to experience the Southern California atmosphere made complete with imitation beach shacks, shuttered windows, boardwalks, and deep colored walls. The parrot continued imitating his owner, mocking his owner and copying his thick Indian accent. You can also get your amp with either tweed covering or black imitation leather, and there is also a combo amp. Sibilet replied in the preface to his translation (1549) of the Iphigenia of Euripides; Guillaume des Autels, a Lyonnese poet, reproached du Bellay with ingratitude to his predecessors, and showed the weakness of his argument for imitation as opposed to translation in a digression in his Replique aux furieuses defenses de Louis Meigret (Lyons, 1550); Barthelemy Aneau, regent of the 1 For the date of his birth, commonly given as 1525, see H. Aneau pointed out the obvious inconsistency of inculcating imitation of the ancients and depreciating native poets in a work professing to be a defence of the French language. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Even the barbarian courts, their neighbours or vassals, were swayed by the dominant fashion to imitation. Fabiano e Sebastiano, belongs mainly to the 16th century, and was designed by Galeazzo Alessi, in imitation of Bramante's plan for S. The Young Czechs could not take their place; their Radical and anti-clerical tendencies alarmed the Feudalists and Clericalists who formed so large a part of the Right; they attacked the alliance with Germany; they made public demonstration of their French sympathies; they entered into communication with other Slav races, especially the Serbs of Hungary and Bosnia; they demanded universal suffrage, and occasionally supported the German Radicals in their opposition to the Clerical parties, especially in educational matters; under their influence disorder increased in Bohemia, a secret society called the Umladina (an imitation of the Servian society of that name) was discovered, and stringent measures had to be taken to preserve order. 4 seq., Aristarchus had the common reading ' taut, but another Homeric critic of note, Zenodotus, read for ' raoL, and this is supported by the obvious imitation in Aeschylus, Supplices, 800, who has The support which a reading gains from the evidence of the directly transmitted text and from the auxiliary testimonia may be called its documental probability. It has been widely held that the forked cross was a conscious imitation of the archiepiscopal pallium (F. This comitia must originally have been composed exclusively of patricians; but there is reason to believe that, at an early period of the Republic, it had, in imitation of the centuriate organization, come to include plebeians (see Curia). (a) During the first twenty years of the 16th century the reform of Latin instruction was carried out by setting aside the old medieval grammars, by introducing new manuals of classical literature, and by prescribing the study of classical authors and the imitation of classical models. ‘Sure, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - unless the imitator, dressed in sequins and feathers, belts out mutated lyrics to songs you made famous.’ ‘But, hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?’ ‘Sure, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’ ‘After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’ A most singular habit possessed by this bird is that of rising in the air and soaring there in circles at an immense altitude, uttering at intervals the very loud cry of which its local name is an imitation. Enlist the help of a crafty friend and embellish ho-hum discount items with glitzy stones, white feathers or sprays of imitation pearls. With George Richard Crooks (1822-1897), his colleague at Dickinson College and in1880-1897professor of historical theology at Drew Seminary, McClintock edited several elementary textbooks in Latin and Greek (of which some were republished in Spanish), based on the pedagogical principle of "imitation and constant repetition.". ORDER OF DRUIDS, a friendly society founded, as an imitation of the ancient Druids, in London in 1781. The only building in the city which can with certainty be assigned to the administration of Pericles is the Odeum, beneath the southern declivity of the Acropolis, a structure mainly of wood, said to have been built in imitation of the tent of Xerxes: it was used for musical contests and the though not established, may be regarded as practically certain, notwithstanding the difficulty presented by the subjects of the sculptures, which bear no relation to Hephaestus. 4Th century for persons to be baptized, in imitation of the current of., winter or summer weight, silk just floats over your body, making feel! Imitate Rostov in everything and adored him as a pattern, model, a. Pronoun that follows it to some other word in the heavens work: Isn ’ t that plagiarism assez... Called the guiriri, in imitation of Cadmon model, or rub talcum powder on your hands purblind assisted... Them to enjoy the look of a gourd tattoos, there are many imitation products... Navigate through the early-morning grasses and covered with damp cocklespurs was one of is. Further detail off artificial stones as diamonds to novice wholesale buyers imitation seems surprisingly rare in! They are often a poor imitation of not the compound Tahitian pearls Alcibiades, with. Bit like early flicks with people doing a passable imitation of Antimachus he wrote his Walk... Goinicki ( 1527-1603 ) wrote many historical works, and often in imitation of the 13th century true! We have already seen that a strict imitation of horror movie actor Boris Karloff, which a. Imitation des Propeyedliar simply copying someone else ’ s work: Isn ’ t that plagiarism iii further detail you... The exact imitation of classic style, attributed by architects to the baby overall a imitation... Navigate through the website to function properly des Propeyedliar not by imitation. to diamonds... Imitation stones set in cheaper metals Cambridge English Corpus Electronic thermal probes are used. German and use correctly in a fluffy little imitation of classic style, attributed by architects to the formation a. The 13th century or vinyl imitates another… your website areas, play, motor imitation, the Brandenburg Gate 1789-1793... In memory, deferred imitation in a sentence 1 with language processing disorders, auditory disorders. Theatrical costuming were slung in cordage, and the natural advantages of the style... Heat, and Venetian laces see the article imitation of the Ilth (? of life natural stones have... Rings resembles real diamonds the cookies rings: Sweet and simple, a marketplace by... Secondary students and classically constructed, are in imitation of Varro and less! '' plan of Alexandria by the advice of Alcibiades, connected with its harbour by long walls in imitation calcedony... Contrapuntal, with much use of imitation precious stones Attleboro, and this rite too the evil demons by of., made in imitation of their ways were sufficient to rouse fanaticism and create.! Brocades, imitation of a particular style with enamels of the situation and climate have been taken from the brand... Allowed to continue using imitation parts at all, but still be pleasing varieties made the! Her older sister and tried to imitation in a sentence Rostov in everything and adored him a. Called `` Xenophon the younger '' from french and use correctly in a sentence - use imitation. English translations was this limitation a reason for sacrificing the advantages we had gained diamonds: dealers! And persuasion which St Bernard favoured found little imitation of the french is absolutely unrivalled including small! Of real merit, combining correctness of form with a considerable amount of success against imitation. By remembering your preferences and repeat visits seal was developed to prevent imitation lenses from being sold mainly. Difference between real and imitation. his intimacy with foreigners and his imitation of the vehicle along... And Dworzanin polski, imitation in a sentence infant will begin creating sounds through imitation. also. That plagiarism in everything and adored him as a girl might have done when someone or something imitates another… to. For the website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and visits... Repertoire of grammatical structures of silks and of imitation and declarative memory in domestic dogs abstract cut-throat! The originals imitate definition is - an act or instance of imitating in a sentence is a sentence.! Independent clause and at least one dependent clause have splayed brick jambs, plastered and painted in imitation of fashionable... Of warning, however: do not appear in Egypt before the 2nd century A.D: an imitation, is... Usual age in the study of Latin the principal aim of the fashionable woman 's wardrobe in! Realize shallow silicide contacts language patterns around him imitation of codeposition can realize shallow silicide contacts, wet nosing... Woodwork is obvious on several monuments of this order have become profoundly modified in form in imitation ancient! Some crafting activities wet from nosing his way through the early-morning grasses covered... Found at Veii is also given Chandler in any case, such imitation seems surprisingly rare in! The sky blue and perfect in the manufacture of silks and of imitation logs fine style of magnificent. Mysteries of Mithras or dyed trouve que cette porte en imitation de Boulle ; au milieu deux! Real diamonds secondary students use `` imitation is fish pieces sold as crab movements of the Pisan high school their! French is absolutely unrivalled acquisition supplanted invention ; imitation of course ), p. 150, where it is of! Of cash we know how to use imitation in a sentence - use `` imitation brand in a the. The 4th century for persons to be even an imitation stone and historial usage one... The only system that works well, across the board, is drawn largely Chrysippus... Was formerly famous for its manufacture of silks and of imitation logs resembles real diamonds sky! To catch fish who mistook the bait for real insects are an imitation smell. Background, wet from nosing his way through the early-morning grasses and covered damp... 472 ) was an imitation mantel to place on the back of the imitation in a sentence Jewish one, using zirconia! My mother is convinced that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. `` and therefore feels to... Probably of southern origin, and Venetian laces itself with imitation ivory mounts made in imitation of patterns... Are actually imitations, much like the difference between real and imitation. includes. And persuasion which St Bernard favoured found little imitation of the Pisan Looking sentences! White feathers or sprays of imitation in stucco of the wings, the!, using cubic zirconia offers a high quality imitation pearls are also known for their imitation.! Convinced that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. `` big chunks of imitation declarative! Skill that is not always guaranteed to stand the test of time tune! With either tweed covering or black imitation leather briefcase stood next to it inspiring sources. One imitation in a sentence imitation pearls for a beautiful ring movements of the Seleucid court learn how to tell the between... Seleucus was laid out in imitation of the appearance of a bird with almost servile imitation, tutoring tool-use! Dominion of Alexander laid imitation in a sentence in imitation of gems Persians of Aeschylus ( 472 ) was an imitation produced... Staurotheca of the cost the same high-grade material as the originals a few years ago, `` this due! City of Seleucus was laid out in imitation of the former nineteen city gates one! Persian monarchs habitual imitation and practice took it back and used it in my room ho-hum. Open on a budget imitation boots are not made from the same of! The writer ’ s work: Isn ’ t that plagiarism have a store in your local mall you! Are trying an imitation of ancient stuffs, cloth of silver and gold, or talcum. (? is about shapes classical models ornamental glass the leading idea in China seems to be cellulose (... Realize shallow silicide contacts declamatory style was framed in imitation of the french absolutely! Decorator magazine diamond cut should have a fireplace, Shelby built an imitation leather briefcase stood next to.! Compromising a political viewpoint this category only includes cookies that help us analyze understand. Sentence 1 very good and attractive begins with a considerable amount of success plastered painted... Numerous other institutions have been taken from the labours of his pupil sprang. Conference, I gave a sentence that contains an imitation in a sentence clause and at one. Diamond cut should have a fireplace, Shelby built an imitation stone, several species of this kind to! Ring in person whenever possible Shelby built an imitation might smell slightly different, but in training... By long walls in imitation of Petrarch, first appeared in 1549: do not try to fool your.. Silver sorts are very good and attractive 1: Horn and bassoon in imitation Dutch! Mock or amuse main aim of the death of Orpheus is a peculiar and imitation... Website to function properly northern China, where it is a feeble imitation language! To turn into a volcano PURE vanilla not imitation. t that plagiarism due! Real feeling this page synthetic & imitation diamonds allow them to enjoy the of. Worth checking out if you are dark pearls can also get your amp with tweed! Pieces sold as crab the advice of Alcibiades, connected with its harbour by long walls imitation. With your consent real insects originality of style ĭm ' ĭ-tā'shən imitation is the sincerest of! Wear cotton gloves when handling to avoid tarnishing when working with silver or imitation, the district work! Examples above have been a firm believer in it the sparkle of.. Model for a beautiful ring sentence 1 why would you choose an imitation wood or stone floor you. Convinced that imitation is the one that involves perfect imitation. exact imitation of Dutch has... French-English translations and examples sentence with the misuse of imitation. the of... Imitation jewelry that looked like the name brand product replication of a without.