How to Raise an Extroverted Child When You Are an Introvert Devote Time to Self-Care. Here are some ideas to help your extrovert child deal with social distancing. Select activities carefully and thoughtfully Each personality type possesses two introverted as well as two extroverted mental processes. Plan time for quality interaction. Indeed, talking with you helps him make sense of his experiences. Parenting is equal parts rewarding and challenging. DO: Provide opportunities for social interaction, preferably in groups or with a wide variety of people. Take the time to work out what makes your child tick. Self-Acceptance. This allows you to sit back and observe rather than being an active participant. And, when you’re an introvert with an outgoing, extroverted child, it can be especially challenging. So the next time your extrovert kiddo says she has nothing to do, encourage her to put on a living room performance or create a puppet show for the family. “Our culture is biased toward extroversion, so it can be difficult for parents to know how to handle an introverted child,” says Carla Marie Manly, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in Santa Rosa, California. Copyright © 2021 SheKnows Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Taking care to look after oneself allows an introverted parent to better care for and provide the environment an extroverted child needs. For example, if your extroverted child has pushed a friend to end or limit a friendship because they’ve been overwhelming them, you need to process this situation emotionally and help your child understand their role in the friendship dissolving. They also know how difficult it is for you to be around people so they may actively participate in your child's life. “Kids that aren’t shy will go up to anyone and start a conversation, which can be a safety concern. Respect their need for privacy. 3. “In an unstructured activity, your child will be the natural leader and will set the agenda of play for the group,” she tells SheKnows. (You may also be used to comments from other people like, “Isn’t she outgoing?” and “He’s not shy, is he?”), “Extroverts by innate nature will demonstrate several behaviors and characteristics that are different than their introverted peer group,” Christine Mann, certified professional coach and Myers-Briggs practitioner, tells SheKnows. An extroverted child needs plenty of socializing, so create lots of opportunities for your kid to be around other ... Focus on social learning skills. They might want to come home and just collapse. The extrovert may not understand this and may not even stop poking or pinching when asked to.”, More: Why It’s Important to Let Your Kid Fail, This means one of the roles of the parent of an extroverted child is helping them learn social skills about sharing and how their behaviors impact others. Most people believe that an extrovert is a person who is friendly and outgoing. Befriend another introvert parent. If your child is an extrovert and you spend most of your days at home, begin to branch out and give him or her opportunities to be with others. Need time to ponder questions before answering 5. How to Answer Just About Every Sex Question Your Child Could Ever Ask, According to Experts, Why It’s Dangerous to Talk About Sobriety as a “Wellness Trend”, 4 Things That Happened When I Did an Emotional Detox, Where to Buy Cute, Affordable & Non-Frumpy Maternity Clothes, Kamala Harris’ Iconic Converse Sneakers Are Selling Fast — Here’s Where You Can Get a Mommy & Me Matching Pair, White Parents, You Can’t Celebrate MLK Day Without Also Celebrating Raphael Warnock, Gabrielle Union’s Daughter Kaavia Is Potty-Training Like She Does Everything Else — Her Own Way, Lindsay Arnold Gets Candid About Her Breastfeeding Pain, Jessica Alba’s Daughter Honor Felt ‘Betrayed’ After Finding Out Her Mother Was Famous. photo: iStock. Look, this is the case with every child, but it’s especially true of extroverted ones. Here are some tips on our website for highly sensitive people for how to deal with separation anxiety. If your child is an extrovert, chances are you realized that early on. If your child shows an interest, encourage drama classes or any opportunities to act, dance, perform, or sing. As an extroverted daughter of an ISFJ mother (and an ISTJ father), I can tell you, I know I grated on her nerves. An Extroverted-Introvert, Only-Child’s Guide to Social Distancing. Explain that you need quiet time. While your little one might get bored faster being alone than an introvert might, it doesn’t mean they’re not capable of enjoying a little downtime too.