Haiba Lev/Yaku Morisuke; Yaku Morisuke; Haiba Lev; Height Differences; Size Difference; Height Kink; sorta - Freeform; Banter; Kissing; Boys Kissing; Sex; Clothing; Top Lev; Bottom Yaku; prompt; Summary. series by Haruichi Furudate. Because of this, Yaku and Sugawa… Post-timeskip He attempts to shrug off his teammates' concern but grimaces in pain when he tries to walk it off--he is then promptly led off the court for first-aid treatment, and Shibayama is called into the game as the back-up libero. Tsukki900. Manga 3 Published Following Followers Activity Journal Library About. Pre-timeskip Concern: His kouhai are causing him all kinds of worry. Lev is very tall, with exceptionally long arms and legs. The Cat-Crow Reunion * :☆゚. Despite their relationship starting off badly due to the fact that Yaku's team wrecked Kuro's when they played against each other back in middle school and they had nothing in similarity with the other, they set aside their differences and united as teammates who trust each other when they found out that they both have the same goal which is 'to dominate the nationals'. He had stopped in Shibuya due to wanting to see the billboard that Lev and Alisa appear on. ─── Yaku: imagine someone handed you a box of things you’ve lost over the years . Unlike Kuroo, he prefers meat, girls with short hair, spicy curry. He agrees to Kenma's request of making several poor serve receives at his command and that he would like the ball to be sent to him at a high angle. However, this would turn out badly for Nekoma when Daichi's spike hits the top of the net and lands in the front row with no one to save it. 17 - 18 (High School 3rd Year) - 2012 Standing at 166 cm, Yaku is insecure about his height, and his teammates have once stated that it's a taboo subject after Lev pointed it out (he was subsequently kicked by Yaku). Height: 190 cm. And can we please talk about this cute scene that reminds me of Suga's way of cheering up his teammates or something? Menu. They first met during the Nekoma vs Karasuno practice match when Taketora and Tanaka were causing trouble. Birthday: August 8. New Product; Categories. Akane Yamamoto had also described Yaku as the 'Guardian' and 'Commander-in-Chief" of Nekoma's defense and regards him as a player just as important as the ace. She's libero in JNWVT. • Weight : 60.2 kg +. . Specifications: Painted, articulated, non-scale ABS & PVC figure with optional parts and stand Product Name: Nendoroid Haikyu!! 3 (High School 3rd Year) Birthday: August 8. Weight Currently the libero of the Nekoma team, he's swift and fast with saving the ball when the time is necessary. He is noted to be very similar to Sugawara for he often takes on a parental role when it comes to his team. Last but not the least, don't ever think of bringing up his height into a conversation if you don't want to end up like Lev who was subsequently kicked by Yaku about it. Info; Names; Main Name: Yaku Morisuke . volleyball club during their first year of high school. Gender He is highly loyal to his team and plays with full honor. Cheegle Ekaterinburg - March 2021Japan National Team - 2021 Akane Yamamoto had also described him as the "Guardian" and "Commander-in-Chief" of Nekoma's defense, and regards him as a player just as important as the ace. The teacher boomed, scanning the class for the libero with a deadly glint in his eyes. And there’s nothing you can do to stop them. Yaku's hand immediately shot up in the air, successfully catching his teacher's attention before he shouted a strangled 'here! Height: 165.2 cm (5'5") Weight: 60.2 kg (132.7 lbs) Team: Nekoma The first lesson he learned of volleyball, though, was that it was a game of height. even in Japan. Yaku and Sugawara first met during the Karasuno vs Nekoma practice match when Yamamoto and Tanaka were causing trouble. Haiba Lev & Yaku Morisuke. Just like Yamagato, he … Nekoma High He has a keen sense of receiving and can steadily receive Asahi's strong spikes despite having never faced him before, a feat which instantly earns him Nishinoya's respect during Karasuno's first practice match with Nekoma. Lev is Yaku's 'student' who he coaches regularly in receiving. *It was submitted by Virginie, 38 years old. Kuro Einz (Japanese: イーンス 黒 IInsu Kuro) is the main antagonist of the Haikyuu!! Five and a half inches. Several Karasuno players are able to figure out that Yaku manipulated the players into aiming exactly where he would be waiting. (well, mostly to Lev) Due to this, Kuroo at times refers to him as a 'Demon Senpai'. EZcosplay.com offer finest quality Haikyuu!! He is respected for his skills as a libero and he takes great pride and honor in playing as libero for Nekoma, a team whose members specialize in powerful defense. Tiny Demon. pairings: lev x gn!reader, kenma x gn!reader, yaku x gn!reader warnings: some cursing idea: you’re one of nekoma’s managers, but what happens when you accidentally share a kiss with one of the volleyball boys? • Birthday : August 8 +. Kageyama played as a Setter for Karasuno High School. As of the Final Arc, Yaku is currently playing for Cheegle Ekaterinburg as a libero in the Russian Volleyball Super League. In the Anime Age: 18. They would often bicker and disagree on minor things, such as girl's hairstyles (Yaku prefers girls with short hair), summer activities, favorite foods, and even which brand of volleyball they preferred. When Karasuno is at match point, Yaku would save a ball but it goes directly back over the net where Hinata would do a direct spike only for Lev to suddenly appear and block it. School – Karasuno High School. He shows disappointment in seeing Lev make an off receive on Tanaka's spike. Yaku was a Libero of Nekoma High School. 60.2 kg (132.7 lbs) - Apr 2012 Height Bokuto stated once that Yaku's recieves 'give him chills' and he acknowledges Yaku's impressive defense. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your physical height, but it is how high you jump, how far you can reach. Levyaku hashtag on Instagram Trivia. Overall, Yaku is a straightforward person who's very confident about his skills and often looks out for his team. Reliable and professional China wholesaler where you can buy cosplay costumes and drop-s S Height:160-165cm Bust:79-87cm Waist:60-67cm Hip:89-92cm M Height:165-170cm Bust:87-95cm Waist:67-74cm Hip:92-98cm L Height:170-175cm Bust:95-103cm Waist:74-81cm Hip:98-104cm Boyfriend: Lev Haiba Sigh: Leo Birthday: August 8. Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Morisuke Yaku In the next play, Yaku is able to receives Yamaguchi's serve that would allow Yamamoto to score and stop the first year's serve. He is called mostly the 'mom' in the team, bearing the responsibility to take care of Taketora's antics and Lev's remarks about his height. Official Name: ja 夜久衛輔: Date of Birth: 08.08.???? He later is seen celebrating with the others when Nekoma wins the match. Japan Teams Yaku is introduced as Nekoma High's third year starting libero as he is breaking up an embarrassing encounter between Karasuno's Tanaka and his teammate, Taketora. He later encounters Nishinoya after the matches are done, and is taken aback by the latter's apparent sense of humility and constant drive for self-improvement, a quality that he both admires and finds "terrifying". At present, their interactions are far friendlier when they first met. Haikyū!! ', pulling himself out of his thoughts. Even Bokuto stating that Yaku's receives "give him chills" and he acknowledges Yaku's impressive defensive. Joined 5 months ago ~ Morisuke Yaku ~ I will kick you Height: 5'4. Morisuke Yaku (Japanese: 夜久 (やく) 衛輔 (もりすけ) , Yaku Morisuke) was a third year student from Nekoma High, and one of the volleyball team's liberos. izaya, random, anime. 夜久 衛輔 LevYaku hashtag on Twitter. As of 2021, he plays for Cheegle Ekaterinburg, a professional volleyball team in the Russian Volleyball Super League. Nishinoya has commented that one reason he admires Yaku is that he does not stand out much on the court, yet his defensive prowess is undeniably invaluable. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Yaku takes great pride in playing as a libero for his team and is highly admired for his skills. When Kai would voice how happy he was to have been able to play with Yaku and Kuroo as his teammate the last three years, Yaku would burst into tears. Number: 3. Info. Age He is also a member of the Japan National Volleyball Team. Haikyu! Unnamed Two Younger Brothers He bears responsibility of taking care of his teammates antics (like when Yamamoto starts a 'fight' with Tanaka or when Lev tries to skip practice receives with him) which can also be a reason why he could be incredibly short tempered from time to time. High School Team: Fukurodani Academy (Tokyo) Team: MSBY Black Jackals (Japan) Appeal point: I can be very normal at anytime! Like the rest of his teammates, he would do anything to make sure his team would win. He was chosen as the libero on Furudate's Dream Team. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart. This cute little menacing cat here is Yaku Morisuke! Yaku is seen eagerly waiting the match between Nekoma and Karasuno. Birthday: August 8 (25 y/o) Position: Libero. After Shibayama tries to encourage Lev to play like himself but failing to get the message across, Yaku bluntly tells the middle blocker not to mess up. Occupation Gender Identity: male: Height (in cm) 165.2: Weight (in kg) 60.2: Western zodiac: leo Leo (♌) is the fifth astrological sign of the Zodiac. He will frequently engage in light-hearted scuffles with his juniors, and will sometimes eat their food too. She's married to Morisuke Yaku and has changed her name to Ne Yaku (Japanese: 夜久 音 - Yaku Ne). Yaku is the second oldest of the third years. What are you enthusiastic about as a representative: The world!!!! kuroo can be a dORK sometimes. Condition : New. He has a quirky habit of spontaneously coming up with ridiculous names for the moves he executes while practicing receives. Sugawara and Yaku apologized to each other for their teammates and soon bonded over their similar positions of being caretakers for their team. Lev/Yaku tag on AO3 Lev/Yaku tag on FanFiction.net. Premium Bandai; BANDAI Candytoys; CD. Off the court, he is supportive of his team and often takes on a parental role when speaking toward, or of them, similar to Sugawara. yaku morisuke. 1. Current Club – Ali Roma (Italy). My childhood innocence! : To the Top Morisuke Yaku White Cosplay Shoes and other related cosplay accessories in low price. At Hinata's next attempt using his new jump to spike past a triple block, Yaku is able to receive the spike. Because Yaku's team had wrecked Kuroo's and Kuroo was much taller than Yaku, their relationship started off very badly. The Basics. His half-Russian heritage gives him tall height, exceptional limb length, and physical ability. Off the court, he is supportive of his team and often takes on a parental role when speaking toward, or of them, similar to Sugawara. Male Date of Birth His abilities have been praised by Bokuto, who has stated that "Yakkun's receives give me goosebumps!". other teammoms: my children eat organic food 梁梁; yaku: cool my children eat candys from the ground. Teams Morisuke Yaku Series: Haikyu!! He has neatly parted light grey hair, and catlike slanted green eyes framed with thin eyebrows. Decision He tearfully laughs and hugs his teammates after Nekoma secures their victory against Nohebi. Karasuno's libero, Nishinoya, had confronted him about his talent as a libero from his experience of playing against him in the same position. lev, yaku, and kenma reacting to accidentally kissing you . Full height : about 100mm. Read Yaku Morisuke X Tall!Reader from the story One Shots by Sincerely_1215 with 298 reads. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Nendoroid Haikyu !! He returns to Japan to play as one of the libero's on Japan's National Team at the Olympics. "It's a huge thing to play as a libero for a team know as 'Defensive Nekoma'." Yaku is seen making several receives during the game and joins in the celebration when Nekoma eventually won. Occupation Lev is Yaku's underclassman and "student", who he coaches regularly in receiving (much to Lev's dismay). Half-way into the set, Daichi appears to be doing a back attack and Yaku calls for everyone to move back a step. Haiba Lev & Yaku Morisuke set Figure Japan Import at the best online prices at eBay! Later in the first set, Yaku leaped into the crowd in an attempt to save the ball which had been received off-kilter by Taketora--this successful display of athleticism and fast reflexes sent the crowd and his team into a frenzy, and ultimately allows Nekoma to score. • Age : 18 3. Nekoma, Japan. He takes great pride in playing as libero, and considers it a huge honor to play as libero for Nekoma, a team whose members specialize in powerful defense. Overall, however, Yaku is a rather honest, straightforward person who's very confident about his skills and looks out for his team. Sugawara and Yaku apologized to each other for their teammates and soon bonded over their similar positions of being caretakers for their teams. Character: Yaku Morisuke. he shouted as he tried to wake you up but unfortunately you just groaned more and hid under your pillow. English Actor One day during practice, all the freshmen members had to say their goals and aspirations out loud, according to the club's tradition. When the score is tied 19-19, Yaku is seen lying in wait for Asahi's spike only for the ace to put too much power into it and have the ball land out. Yaku may be small but he is swift and skilled when it comes to keeping the ball in the air. Yaku's skills as a libero rival those of Nishinoya. Seiyuu/Artist In response to Yaku's tearful frustration, his fellow third years Kuroo and Kai tell him not to worry, and to consider being benched as a "brief vacation" while his team picks up the slack and secures a spot at the nationals. [1] During the match, he would demonstrate his skills as a libero by making many receives on several of the players that would impress Karasuno and especially Nishinoya. Because of this, Yaku and Sugawara get along well. After losing to Fukurōdani, Nekoma faces off against Nohebi High School for the third and final Tokyo Representative spot. Lev Haiba was a Middle Blocker of Nekoma High School. Goods. angry (and tiny) mom. Voice Actor Kuroo reminds Yaku to not take life so seriously all the time; Yaku keeps Kuroo’s antics in line. Weight: 60.2 kg. ', comes a Nendoroid of one of Nekoma High School Volleyball Club's liberos known as the "Defense Commander", Morisuke Yaku! Fandom. Position – Setter. He will frequently engage in light-hearted scuffles with his juniors and will sometimes eat their food too. Home town • His current concern is that his kouhai are causing him all kinds of worry. Character Info They’re coming. His team is known for its powerful defense and Yaku does play a great role in that. Yaku is respected for his abilities as a strong libero. Anime Image gallery “LEV IF YOU DO NOT STOP TALKING ABOUT MY HEIGHT I WILL KICK YOUR ASS FROM THIS COURT!” just like sugawara, you don’t want to see him angry. [Morisuke Yaku|Yaku]]. "Morisuke Yaku!" What Lev called a shirt could have easily been a dress on him. Height (approx. August 8, 1994 Search over 100,000 characters using visible traits like hair color, eye color, hair length, age, and gender on Anime Characters Database. Russian Volleyball Super League player (which sends Yaku flying into a rage and kicking Lev) Like the rest of the team, Lev has great respect and admiration for Yaku due to his impressive skill and his commanding presence, once commenting that Yaku would certainly save the ball without fail when he was reprimanded by the older not to flail his arms aimlessly while attempting to block the opposing spikers. And, for lack of better words, Morisuke was short. Volleyball Stir-fried Vegetable Molten volleyballs Girls with short hair Cats Going to the mountains during the summer Tallest to Shortest: Lev Haiba: 194.3 cm (6'4.5") Wakatoshi Ushijima: 189 cm (6'2") Kei Tsukishima: 188.3 cm (6'1.7") Bokuto is then seen warning Yachi that Yaku is a player capable of stopping a spiker without ever touching the ball[2]. Like the rest of his teammates, however, Lev has great respect and admiration for Yaku due to his impressive skill as a libero and his commanding presence on the team. I love you - Yaku Morisuke x Reader It was cold morning You groaned as you turned your alarm off and went back to sleep until your brother, Kuroo Tetsurou slammed your rooms door and stormed inside. (Y/N): …this is the most violent way I’ve been cheered up ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ . • His birthday falls on World Cat Day. This declaration ultimately helps them to put aside their differences and unite as teammates who trust each other. At present, their interactions are far friendlier than when they first met. Weight: 67 kg Ne Kobayashi (Japanese: 小林 音 - Kobayashi Ne) was previously a student in Metropolitan Nekoma High school and a manager to the volleyball club. LevYaku posts on Tumblr. After time skip, he is currently playing as a Libero for Cheegle Ekaterinburg in Russian Volleyball Super League and also represents Japan National Team. You rolled your eyes and stood to your feet, walking to stand in front of him. Background Information Shinnosuke Tachibana From the popular volleyball manga series with an equally popular anime, 'Haikyu!! INSTAGRAM. 3. Morisuke Yaku, Nekoma High. 64.4 kg (142.0 lbs) for your interest in my products. Product Line: Nendoroid Manufacturer: Orange Rouge Sculptor: Shichibee Pre-timeskip When it is figured out that Sarukawa is trying to wear Kenma down physically and the rest of the team does what they can to give him the sets he needs, Yaku is seen glaring at someone who criticizes Kuroo's receive. Age: 17. Debut Information 165.2 cm (5' 5") - Apr 2012 166 cm (5' 5.4") - Jan 2013 Jason Duga Family Yaku would soon be surprised when Nishinoya was able to save the ball with the back of his foot and score a point for Karasuno[3]. players Height Comparison!! Libero However, in the process of saving the ball, Yaku landed on a spectator's foot and sprained his ankle. Due to a lot of similarities over their personality, the two get along really well and are seen conversing in a friendly manner on multiple times. !, comes a Nendoroid of one of Nekoma High School Volleyball Club's liberos known as the "Defense Commander," Morisuke Yaku! TWITTER. Demon Senpai (by Kuroo) Yaku-Paisen (by Kuroo), Cats Going to the mountains during the summer. At the moment, 21.07.2020, we have next information/answer: 1,62m. TUMBLR. Yaku Morisuke. For the majority of the series, she was a third-year at Sebonzakura High School, playing as the starting libero of the school`s volleyball club. Yaku would shake hands with Sugawara and Nishinoya afterwards before walking off the court with a tearful Lev and Shibayama. Nekoma would eventually lose the match. Position: Libero. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Year: 3rd Year, class 5. For several plays, Yaku is mostly seen making receives and later seems to be the one designated with receiving most of Asahi's spikes; this could continue on well into the second set. Kenma: oh wow! Yaku: I sent good vibes your way. The two. Karasuno's libero,Nishinoya, had confronted him about his talent as a libero from his experience of playing against him in the same position. Tokyo Height Position He has brown eyes and short brown hair (his hair is slightly longer in the manga). Even Kuroo at times refers to him as a "demon senpai". Height: 169 cm. He and his teammates are seen making multiple receives that wear down Kiyokawa's ace. Status He would join the team in thanking Coach Nekomata for being their coach. Nendoroid Haikyu! Yakkun (by Bokuto and Kuroo) Demon Senpai (by Kuroo) Yaku-Paisen (by Kuroo) Age Kuroo has been shown calling Yaku various nicknames such as "Yakkun" and "Demon Senpai". 167.3 cm (5' 5.9") FAN FICTION. Kuroo makes sure Yaku doesn’t push himself too far, Yaku makes sure Kuroo can’t slack off. However, the final guidebook and the official illustration book both list him as 167 cm and 64 kg, indicating the statistic in the chart is an error. Weight: 87 kg. Yaku Morisuke Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The play would earn great admiration from Nishinoya. Yaku and Sugawara have a similar personality type, and are seen conversing in a friendly manner on multiple occasions. High School Student (3rd Year, Class 5) - 2012 Morisuke Yaku . edit entry add/edit names add/edit resources add/edit tags. During the time-out, Yaku would acknowledge that Nekoma is protective of their setter and will do what they can to prevent him from being worn out. Morisuke Yaku (夜久 衛輔) Team: Nekoma High School. Morisuke Yaku. Haiba Lev & Yaku Morisuke set Figure Japan Import at the best online prices at eBay! In an officially released chart from Monthly Volleyball 2020 August Issue, he is listed as 169 cm and 69 kg in July 2020. When Fukunaga was blocked when Tsukishima and Yamaguchi perform the serve and block method, Yaku would kick Kuroo while blaming him for Tsukishima's increase in skill. Weight While sidelined and receiving first aid, Yaku continues to watch his team closely and swells with pride when Shibayama successfully adapts to his role as libero. Seiyu Information Follow. The two appear to be close despite Lev's frequent attempts at escaping Yaku's merciless coaching and him making fun at the latter's height. To anyone else, it wouldn't be a big deal, but this is Yaku, so it was. Right after school he started playing for Japanese V-League Division 1 team Schweiden Alders.He also represented Japan National Volleyball Team in 2016 Rio Olympics as a 19 year old and in 2021 Tokyo Olympics. He can also be incredibly short-tempered, especially concerning Lev, who seems to find Yaku's angry outbursts "scary" (although these outbursts are typically in response to Lev tactlessly commenting on Yaku's height and/or attempting to skip practicing receives with him). Currently he plays for Ali … In the Manga He has a keen sense of receiving and can steadily receive strong spikes like Asahi's, which earns him Nishinoya's respect. Libero Nickname: Yakkun; Demon Senpai; Paisen. Read Nishinoya Yu from the story Anime Quotes by SleppyAshofSloth with 2,993 reads. On AO3, LevYaku is the most popular ship for both Lev and Yaku. Message. Season 4 Haikyuu!! This pairing has a 30cm (11.8in) height difference, Lev being 196cm (6' 5.2") and Morisuke being 166 cm (5' 5.4"). As of 2018 she works in a pet store and is now V. League Division 1 player. High School Student (3rd Year, Class 5) - 2012. Rōmaji Yaku glared as he stood there, and Lev laughing way to much at the sight. Fans have remarked that his personality has many similarities to Sugawara's. appear to get along, but Lev frequently attempts to escape Yaku's merciless coaching and will at times poke fun at the latter's height, which frequently sends Yaku flying into a rage that will result in the libero hitting or kicking the middle blocker. Number Yaku is usually seen wearing the Nekoma training uniform. Yaku had always been two inches taller then you, but with your growth spurt, his now had to look up at you. Position At one point, Yaku admonishes an increasingly frustrated Lev and tells him not to flail his arms aimlessly in an attempt to block the opposing spikers, as this makes receiving the ball extremely difficult; Lev angrily responds in turn that despite that, Yaku would certainly save the ball without fail (this outburst causes Yaku to be quite taken aback). Dominant hand: Right. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, https://haikyuu.fandom.com/wiki/Morisuke_Yaku?oldid=105130. Yaku plays with Nekoma against Kiyokawa High. Post-timeskip Concern: Being charged as a child in ticketing. ''Oi (Y/N) wake up!'' "You know, getting nicks and bruises... that's the same as breathing for me.". While people usually call him "Yaku", Kuroo and Bokuto were shown calling him "Yakkun", Lev calls him "Yaku san", and Nishinoya calls him "Morisuke". Also Known As From Boston, Georgia. Lev Haiba. This in turn inspires Bokuto to play even harder against Nekoma during the Tokyo Representative deciding match. Free shipping for many products! As the team 'mom', Yaku may be a strict one who likes commenting at the sides with his snappy wits. Jumping reach: 348 cm. Home country 夜久 衛輔 +. Yaku Morisuke. He is very supportive of them and whether or not he will admit it, he likes taking care of his teammates more (older or younger than him) rather than taking care of himself. He takes great pride in playing as libero, and considers it a huge honor to play as libero for Nekoma, a team whose members specialize in powerful defense. Although Kuroo and Yaku played against each other in middle school, they didn't officially meet until they joined the. 26 - March 2021 Yaku is respected for his abilities as a strong libero. Some Haikyuu!! Current Concern: His kouhai are causing him all kinds of worry. When he rotates into the game, he compliments Nishinoya for getting even better than when they last met after seeing the second year perform a jump set to Asahi. Nishinoya also commented that the reason he admires Yaku is that he doesn't stand out much on the court, yet his defense prowess is undeniably invaluable and his presence can ensure their team's victory. Height: 165.2 cm. Yaku left a rather huge impact during the Tokyo Expedition arc, during which the role of the libero's position was explained in depth; during the Tokyo representative match between Nekoma and Fukurōdani, Nishinoya explains to Hinata that truly skilled liberos are players that manage to not stand out, but whose presence on the court ensures their teams' victory. Manga(Timeskip) Yaku doesn’t like showing his weaknesses, but Kuroo is perceptive. Kanji She still continues playing for JNWVT. Yaku is right away shown making receives against the players of Sarukawa Tech High. During this match, both teams demonstrate impeccable persistence in maintaining their defenses, despite Nohebi's penchant for attempting to throw Nekoma off with a constant stream of feints, block-outs, and well-timed taunting. Having light brown hair, brown eyes and a height he is insecure about, Yaku isn't the 'flashiest' player you'll find around but despite everything, he still has his own charms (tbvh, him being 'small' is already one) so what is there to not like about this guy? Likes on yaku morisuke, the philosophy of liberos and what it means to play volleyball. Yaku's first appearance in the Final Arc is when he makes a stop in Shibuya while on the phone with one of his former teammates. To everyone's surprise, both Kuroo and Yaku declared in unison that they wanted to "dominate nationals", despite their other teammates settling for making into Tokyo's top eight. • Height : 165.2 cm +.

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