Quantity: You & Me We Got This Flag QNK210F quantity. A special Eric's Heroes music video, 'A Brave New World,' chronicles life in Seattle during the COVID-19 outbreak.More: https://t.co/ooYL6NEcWq pic.twitter.com/ksIk0fjiYc. Includes workforce and gig economy policy issues – including but not limited to telework, automation, unions, UBI, and other innovations. Poor Jean. As stimulus checks from the federal government start rolling in, people who think they don't need the extra cash are pledging to spend their $1,200 at a small business as a show of support. Crosscut reporter David Kroman reported on the WFH humor at Monday's virtual Seattle City Council meeting. Let's create a movement. We put a boat on the flag because Seattle is a great boating city and we put a plane on the flag because Seattle has a great plane industry. Seattle Flagmakers are promoting theirs (in customizable colors!) Now more than ever, our city needs us. We Got This Seattle hoodie. By We Got This Lyrics: To anyone who's alone in a crowded room / Put your hands up high, sing it out of tune / It's these late night hours we spend that help me up from down / You're just like me when I In lieu of an in-person launch, Hastings put free orca coloring and activity sheets on his website and will reward a winner for the best coloring job on April 6. Our studio space is located in the Ballard/Fremont area at 4020 Leary Way NW, #202. Life's like this. We remain encouraged by the love and support we are receiving from our community! Sites We Serve About Current Page: Contact Media Open Menu Close Menu. We're trying to flatten the curve. This website uses cookies in order to offer you the most relevant information. Police State In The USA. Your dinner of DiGiorno and Fireball could use some class—but Canlis is on it. Reader Skylar Bird is capturing Seattle through the safety of a window. La Bohème may be canceled, but you can’t cancel the ingenuity of Seattle Opera’s costume shop workers. Jetzt bestellen! Quick: Somebody ready an aria in homage. The city's videographers are staying busy during quarantine. Reddit user Cristie1789's G-rated Peep Show. Birthday wishes, inside jokes, even R-rated dispatches. pic.twitter.com/GdJAeWsGnl. Starting May 4, Jeopardy! https://t.co/K5tpdf7yAg. Our dual mission is to support both our hard-working frontline workers (e.g., nurses, doctors, firefighters, police officers, environmental health services staff, public health officers) and our local businesses during times of crisis. The local photographer snaps families waving, smiling, or showing off artwork from inside their homes, for a social distancing series she's sharing on her Instagram. Add … (Looking for a longread? Last Name. Seattle-based Kaspars Catering and Events delivered packaged meals to residents of Plymouth Housing, making sure its food didn't go to waste. You know, from when he was just a wide-eyed, innocent trivia nerd and not today's wide-eyed, podcasting, Twitter dunking trivia nerd. Start every quarantine day with "Heavy Metal Breakfast." Future of Community Design: Thinking through and solving challenges faced in building economically and socially robust communities; overcoming constraints in conceiving, investing in and building their future. Announcement: Someone's already won Easter. GOV Daily: News and analysis at the collision of tech and society and fallout consequences for policy, legislation and strategies to govern. Future of Security: From disinformation to deep fakes: protecting critical infrastructure and personal data in a rapidly changing threat environment. We tip our caps to the folks in our medical community fighting COVID-19. Tune in for the #JeopardyGOAT encore event – starting May 4! She's My Little Go-Go Dancer. Seattle Fire Department is firing up the lights on its fire engines on a drive through the city from 7–8pm on Friday, April 17, mostly in the north end. Photography by Our Impact Restaurants Sites We Serve About Current Page: Contact Media Contact us. Check it out and show us your dance moves! Thanks to the New York Times article about how Seattle may be successfully flattening the curve, the Seattle Freeze is trending on Twitter—as a good thing. If you are in the Seattle area we are available to show samples of our work. Amber Fouts, 12/05/2019 You don't need to tell that to Brooks Running, the Seattle-based shoe company that is donating 10,000 pairs of sneakers to those in the medical community... We’re giving away 10,000 pairs of Brooks shoes to healthcare workers fighting COVID-19. By A post shared by Seattle Flag Makers (@seattleflagmakers) on Apr 3, 2020 at 12:18pm PDT. Anna Coumou, 01/15/2021 of quarantine pic.twitter.com/UCxIipH1Cu. We Got This Seattle Shirt T-Hoodie By In the midst of quarantine, power couple Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe (aka the stars of the Seattle Storm/Tacoma Reign/the world) gave us all what we all needed: an Avril Lavigne singalong while downing Rachel's Ginger Beer in giant wine goblets. The Seattle Aquarium's sea otter celebration this week includes live cams trained on the animals. Last week, The London Plane delivered 12,800 meals to eight local hospitals free of charge, including University of Washington Medical Center hospitals, Harborview Medical Center, and Seattle Children's. Working together, we’ll get to the other side of this, closer as a community and with greater appreciation for this place we call home. Seattle Seahawks! Shout out to Marika Theofelis for choreographing this video.#COVID19 #SocialDistancing pic.twitter.com/Z1EuvK9U3U. With (But the funniest thing in there might be among the "I Miss Hockey" stickers; you can't blame the virus for that one, Seattle.) That's the way it is. The $40 entrance fee nets runners a training plan, sticker, and finisher's medal, while bonus entry levels include a t-shirt and credit toward future, in-person Orca races. They'll even do delivery for groups unable to travel. Entrants will race independently at their chosen distance on Memorial Day. The Seattle Fire Department made a TikTok video of its firefighters dancing (at an acceptable social distance) and scrubbing their mitts. 3 Seattle Bars Nominated for Big-Deal Spirited Awards, Exercise Your Right to Drink at These Seattle Speakeasy-Style Bars, Northwest Travel 2021: Where to Go, What to Know, How UW’s Virology Lab Helped Forge the Nation’s Covid-19 Testing, How to Keep It Together During Coronavirus Quarantine, Washington's Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution Needs a Shot in the Arm, A 'Soulful Flow' Yoga Teacher Stretched to Meet Students' 2020 Needs, Property Watch: A Blakely Island Enclave Designed by Architect Jim Olson, Starting Over in a Midcentury House in Seward Park. The Seattle Opera performer and staffer has been letting loose with arias around 5pm every weekday for the past two weeks. Remember last month, when we told you that blood donations were good for the moment, but they'd need replenishing in April? Reddit user praytell16 snapped a photo of the Fremont Troll donning a facemask to comply with CDC recommendations. According to anonymous cell phone data from Cuebiq, average individual travel per day in the Emerald City fell from 3.8 miles to just 61 feet between February 28 and March 27. You know, it is still spring out there. And, as you can see, a pretty big amount of soap. As concerns over the coronavirus continued Thursday, Seattle businesses, arts, and even its everyday citizens rallied together on social media under a simple message: “We got this, Seattle.”

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