My other consideration was Thunderbeaat. ... Deadair Sandman S - They don't need to … I just ordered the Nomad-L w E-brake as my first can. some people state that the rating is different between the two. I’ve never handled a nomad but have sandman suppressor and it’s built like a tank. Live and learn. Uh no...I have personally melted down a nomad in a destruction test... it's full auto rated I can assure you. the nomad on the other hand cant take the heat. Nothing really to add at this time. Shop for Low Price Brownells Mpo Ar15 Com And Dead Air Nomad 30 Vs Sandman S Site Www Ar15 Com . Sandman has a Stellite baffle stack in a tube and the Nomad is tubeless 17-4 baffles. While we didn't think it could get any better than a Sandman-K, S, L or Ti, we were pleasantly surprised when this little silencer wandered into our shop! 20 thoughts on “ Suppressor Performance Database ” Edwin April 19, 2016 at 5:36 pm. Anyone have other recommendations. for 5.56 I'm planning to purchase my first suppressor in the next few weeks and I'm still having a tough time deciding on the best option. The Dead Air Armament Sandman series of silencers comes in an S and L version. When I shoot subs out of my Rem CSR with the sandman its movie quiet. The nomad is lighter as noted and I think the tone is better on 308 with the nomad. Yes, the Nomad Ti is there same length as the Nomad 30, and meters very similarly: Db is not everything in a can, it helps, don't get me wrong. Yes. It really ends up depending on what you want out of it and your end goal. That is Todd Magee, the designer of suppressors at Dead Air. At 17.3 oz and 6.8 inches long, it is ideal for shooters who value a suppressor with a smaller profile. We find out. Sandman S vs Micro 30. But a Nomad E-Brake on a Sandman looks rather… phallic. Reviews; Write a Review; At 6.8 inches in length and a weight of 18.5 oz the Sandman-S ™ is the perfect cross-over suppressor for your 5.56mm, 300BLK, and 7.62 platforms, even up to .300 Win Mag. The Dead Air Nomad-30 ships with a fixed mount (at the time of this writing either 5/8x24mm or 1/2x28mm), which definitely gives you a shorter OAL than you might expect–falling in-between the Sandman-S and the Sandman-K Im brand new to suppressors and nfa stuff, so i probably wont understand anything more than basic terms. I don't have any info for you, but just wanted to pop in and say thanks cause I had also searched this and came up pretty empty handed. They do independent testing using calibrated BK2209 meters at muzzle and at ear to the correct mil standard. The flash hider front cap optimizes your Sandman or Nomad-30 silencer by reducing the front cap size to your caliber. I like the deeper tone of my nomad vs my buddies sandman. If you are already a fan of the Dead Air muzzle devices, you’ll be happy to know the Nomad-L is KeyMo compatible. Mike Pappas, Founder of Dead Air Armament and Director of New Product Development, set out to further the legacy of the Sandman series with a new lightweight suppressor designed specifically for the everyday user. You must log in or register to reply here. The Griffin customer family has more room and now's the best time to jump on board! I just put an ultra 7 gen 2 in jail last week, but I was in the same dilemma, I looked really hard at the Dominus, and the Nomad Ti as well as the ultra 5 & 7. Using our 13.9″ TRACK 2.0 5.56mm barrel with a pinned and welded Dead Air Flash Hider meeting the 16″ overall length ATF requirement, you will have a suppressor ready rifle right out of the box that will perfectly complement your choice of the Dead Air Sandman-K, Sandman-S, or NOMAD suppressor! My only experience is with the Surefire issued cans. Sandman-S. Right now I'm going back and forth between the Dead Air Sandman-S and the Surefire Socom556-RC2. 3 0 0. That means your Nomad-L can have the same robust and proven attachment method as our Sandman models, giving you the best of both worlds. Am leaning more towards Ti. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Sandman comes standard with Keymo mount and built like a tank for around the same pricepoint. Don’t see much from their website. One hand removal in just seconds. Otherwise, the Nomad line is able to adapt to most scenarios very well. But thats just me. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It may not display this or other websites correctly. its not full auto rated. Thats all i got. Looking to get a suppressor for my 300wsm and 308. Anyone own both that can offer some insight? The Nomad can attach to not only Dead Air muzzle devices but also SilencerCo ASR and Q muzzle devices if you already have the quick detach adapter for those devices. Although it is shorter than the Sandman-L, it still provides excellent performance across 5.56mm, 300BLK, and 7.62 platforms. great thing about these cans is if you are ok with their muzzle devices, one suppressor can work for all your rifles 300wm down to 556. and even if youre not ok with their muzzle devices other companies like son of liberty make compatible hider/brakes. Can Cerakote just about anything. Sorry I missed this. Silencer Shop tested the Nomad-Ti vs. the Nomad-30 in this video and here are the 300 BLK and 6.5 Creedmoor numbers: ... You can definitely tell the difference in sound vs my Sandman-S but on a 16” carbine the shorter length and lighter weight is absolutely worth the tradeoff. The Nomad is just a touch shorter as well. Does the nomad have a better noise reduction, tone, or anything else over the S that warrants the price difference? “The KeyMount mounting system is welded into it and it doesn't come loose on the muzzle device when shooting. Still been trying to get my hands on the ebrake which helps even more. And I was under the impression that dead air’s patent ensures that only the dead air muzzle brake is keyed to force it to be mounted the same way every time, so there’s no change of zero. But is there really a big difference in sound suppression? whatever you can throw at it itll take. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Dec 14, 2017 #1 So I bought a 22 can from Tar Heel State a few weeks ago and think I want to go ahead and get the process started for a .30 cal can as well. If the Ti is something you are interested in for a specific purpose, like hunting, then get it. 53 Likes, 4 Comments - Bruce (@mrsilencers) on Instagram: “Nomad vs. Sandman-S workbench battle. I was leaning towards the Nomad. The Nomad-30 is specifically designed for the everyday shooter. Choose your poison!…” I've had my head down working on our new taper mount, and times are just crazy busy in general. Both the Nomad and Vox-S seem like great cans, but I can't help but think if EA released a "Vox-M" with a ~2" modular front section on top of the standard Vox-S length they would corner this market completely. JavaScript is disabled. If it wasnt such a hassle I would consider trading off my Sandman for a Nomad Ti after looking further into it. If you need the strongest can for whatever reason, the Sandman line is it. The light weight titanium and stainless silencer is intended to go everywhere you go on whatever host rifle your day requires. The female thread pitch on the inside of the Nomad is compatible with the thread pitch on those QD adapters. Sandman S with the Nomad version of the E-brake on it. Ive got a sandman l. from my understanding a few of the differences are the materials they used and the dimensions. I could see if it was a dedicated can the direct thread would be nice, but if ive got a grand plus piece of equipment im going to find every way possible to use it. The Dead Air Sandman-S is the reduced length version of the Sandman suppressor. I like the direct thread and keymod options. Lantzjoey291 Replies: 13 Views: 524 1/9/2021 1:23 AM monkeypunch Previous Page. Cant really find anything on google directly comparing these 2, only the nomad and the L or Ti. Some use on a 556 during pig hunts. The Nomad Ti was sexy but I wanted max suppression. Nomad vs Vox S vs ?? The stellite baffles handle erosion better than any other material out there. Nomad is .7oz lighter and .7” longer. You are using an out of date browser. Thanks for the input and I concur with your statement that while cans help in reducing decibels, ear protection is vital as well. and the sandman series is built full auto rated. Hansohn summed it up, the nomad is the right choice for 90% of people (lighter, quieter, modular mounting, strong enough). re: Silencerco Omega Vs dead air sandman S Posted by boatless2 on 10/2/17 at 12:59 am to Ice Cream Sammich Well after watching a bunch of YouTube videos, and talking with y’all, the dead air was consistently louder decibel wise than the thunder beast, silencerco omega, … I thought they'd be pretty similar and warrant some comparison discussions but I was pretty surprised to find almost nothing. The Nomad series bring plenty versatility. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Weight and diameter are the big differences which come from the materials used in construction. The Nomad 30 is a nice size/performance combo for those uses, and I like mine. The Nomad is an ultra-versatile suppressor designed by Dead Air Armament to meet the needs of the everyday user. In MAC’s 7.62 video the back to back testing of the Sandman L and Omega showed that the Omega was actually 4dB quieter with a .308 bolt gun which adding it all up winds up being 9~10dB from the Omega to the L to the S (Disclaimer: this is clearly an overstated estimate of the gap between S and Omega). (See y’all in 6-9....) Thing is absolutely huge, but has the greatest noise suppression based on all the data I could uncover. We seek to expand general understanding of the laws collectively referred to as the National Firearms Act and their implications for gun owners and citizens of today. Other than length and weight (they are almost the same, with the nomad being a small bit shorter but wider, and slightly less weight), how does the performance compare? Apologies for the noob question. Rating - 100%. sandman is smaller in diameter. This suppressor is 6.8 inches long and 17.7 ounces, providing shooters a compact and maneuverable addition to their host firearm, with impressive performance on 300BLK, 5.56, and 7.62. The Nomad is 1.735" in diameter, with a length of 6.5", weighs 3.7 ounces less than the Sandman S, direct thread out of the box (5/8" included and 1/2" adapters extra), and takes the Sandman end caps. Suppressors, Short Barreled Rifles, Short Barreled Shotguns, Destructive Devices, Any Other Weapons, and Machine Guns are all welcome here. The QD system is design perfection. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. At 6.8 inches in length and a weight of 18.5 oz the Sandman-S™ is the perfect cross-over suppressor for your 5.56mm, 300BLK, and 7.62 platforms, even up to .300 Win Mag. Silencers (Page 1 of 8) AR-15 AK-47 Handgun Precision Rifles Armory Training Competitive Shooting General Outdoors Archery Hometown Industry. Boys, thanks for all the great information. You’ll be fine with the Nomad but be aware it comes in direct thread config and you’ll need to add a keymo if you want that capability. For the kind of shooting I do the difference in toughness really doesn't matter, mostly hunting/LR bolt gun and slow fire AR, my cans never get up to the ~800 deg level where Ti has problems. AR15.COM 14,150 views. With the Sandman S screwed to the end, a similar five shot string dropped to 2620 fps on average with a SD of 5.7. About AR15.COM. Of course, you can still interchange them. One hand removal in just seconds. Cassandra updated 11 months, 4 weeks ago 2 Members ... I’m really torn between the nomad and the Vox S, but I don’t want to have to use wipes all the time for a great experience. I read an article about it, probably something dead air put out. For example, the 5.56 front cap greatly reduces first round pop, and decreases the muzzle reading by roughly 1 to 3 dB. You can just get away with a lesser NRR rating. Lantzjoey291. Omega vs Sandman S. Thread starter Gear Head; Start date Dec 14, 2017; Gear Head Happy to be here. Hopefully we can get some insight. Tom in Oregon says: June 24, 2020 at 13:26 . That means your Nomad-30 can have the same robust and proven quick attachment method as our Sandman models, giving you the best of both worlds. They have been testing the nomad with 3 different versions: a new one, slightly used, and one with several thousand rounds through it. Which can would y’all recommend, maybe even above these two? Because Key-Mo is heavy and long and regular DA muzzle devices are also heavy themselves, leading to a mount/adapter weight penalty of a little over 8 oz. It’s a beast. Weight and diameter are the big differences which come from the materials used in construction. Give all 4 pages of that thread a read through and pay attention to specific posts form user “Mageever”. I see what youre saying. Their video should be out soon and might be able to give you an idea on the performance information. I apologize if format is weird, I’m on mobile. The Nomad Ti sure was sexy but I went with big Bertha. If you search hard enough on youtube you can find videos of people shooting each to get a better idea of what "tone" they are. Long and heavy. I went Nomad-L plus EBrake for better sound suppression and recoil and muzzle rise reduction. If it wasn't such a hassle I would consider trading my Nomad 30 off for the Ti, but it is what it is. But naked Ti is sexy when it gets hot and starts to turn colors. A community of hobbyists interested in NFA items, topics, history, and news. *Accessories such as Key-Mo and E-Brake shown in images are not included.

The Sandman-S is the shorter version suppressor in Dead Air’s notorious Sandman 7.62mm silencer line. They haven't tested the Nomad Ti in any of their videos yet, but they do test the regular Nomad 30 against the ultras, and the Dominus. It also comes off when you want.”. I saw the same thing about direct thread coming loose. As only knowing enough about cans as having one issued and using it for CQB and Recce patrols, I appreciate the detailed info. The Nomad is just a touch shorter as well. That's right. I asked a question kind of similar a little while ago on here and it sparked some conversation between the different lines. Why ever go Nomad? Plus, the Nomad-30 is compatible with all Sandman front caps. I intended to get the sandman s until someone suggested the nomad. When I bought my first can I thought itd be my last.... well its not looking that way now. Dead Air Sandman-S 7.62mm QD Mount At 6.8 inches in length and a weight of 18.5 oz the Sandman-S™ is the perfect cross-over suppressor for your 5.56mm, … Can anyone really break out the difference between the dead air nomad and sandman for me. Will have to look into EA. I could run Key-Mo on my Nomad, but it's just too heavy and bulky, not the best option out there for most uses IMO. The Sandman S is QD out of the box, it has a 1.5" diameter, a length of 6.8", and it is build like a tank. If you had to shoot it indoors, like a house, which would you prefer to be using? I guess I need to turn on notifications or something. The QD system is design perfection. Keep it coming. .....the nomad cant take the heat that the sandman can.... bud. Other than length and weight (they are almost the same, with the nomad being a small bit shorter but wider, and slightly less weight), how does the performance compare? Hope it helps. Without the silencer, a five shot string of the same Federal Gold Medal turned in an average velocity of 2629 fps with a SD of 10.7. That being said, as an average hunter who does not own sbr or auto rifles (at this time), i'm researching/looking for something that meets my current needs and I think the Ti may be the "perfect fit" as it is light and I will strictly use it only for semi-auto and hunting rifles. I plan to buy 5.56 caps for which ever i choose for my 14.5 P&W rifle, and other rifles later on. As with the Nomad model, the Sandman E-Brake accepts all Dead Air end caps–though in this case, we think that the addition of a flash hider endcap would mostly just serve for aesthetics. Ultimately, the nomad will be quieter, but the sandman s seems to be a great entry and has a great mix of length, sound suppression, and weight. No wobble, no seizing, no … The image below from Recoil is about the best way to visualize the difference. The Nomad 30 was louder and less comfortable to shoot than the L and the Sandman. Glad to see the post took on a life it’s own with a little heated debate even. Silencer Shop and Mike Pappas Dead Air Nomad and Sandman - SHOT Show 2020 - Duration: 13:21. The Nomad is more than tough enough for the vast majority of shooters, and in fact, I would personally recommend the Nomad series of suppressors to most shooters over the Sandman series. You can add the KeyMo adapter and the Nomad will be about the same weight, just larger diameter. My main concern with threads is the potential to loosen with heat and recoil.

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