Bring $3 if the money order is $2,000 or less and $5 if the money order is for any amount over $2,000.01 This will cover the check cashing fee. You can find a Western Union location that does cash money orders as not all of them do. For money orders that are one to three years old Western Union might charge a non-refundable service charge to cash the money order. … Useful features allow you to: Visit Your Nearest Kroger Another option is to stop by your local Kroger, which has a check cashing department. Read the terms, and if you money order can still be cashed, take it to a Western Union or other location that cashes Western Union money orders. That was my first spot , and first call before I stumbled on here . In addition to a valid photo ID, first-time users of Kroger's check cashing service will need to fill out a short enrollment form. Submit these documents and the $15 non-refundable processing fee (payable to Western Union with a personal check or money order and sent to the address listed on the form) by: Fax: 1-720-864-0477; Mail: Western Union Financial Services, Inc. P. O. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. You'll see the address and telephone number and links to the branch's hours, as well as directions to the facility if you are unfamiliar with the location. In fact, some larger retail stores, especially grocery stores, have Western Union or MoneyGram services available at the customer service desk, so you might be able to cash your money order there for free. We … Find a Western Union Location Status of my Money Transfer Price Estimate to Send Money Customer Care Log In Sign Up English (US) ... Where can I cash a money order? This can be done the same day the money order is cashed. Bring your money order to a location that will cash it. Eric Feigenbaum started his career in print journalism, becoming editor-in-chief of "The Daily" of the University of Washington during college and afterward working at two major newspapers. Western Union also maintains offices it operates directly. I’m having trouble chasing out money orders . I tried one that’s inside a convenience store but they didn’t do that either so I’m wondering if a whole store would do it ? erhui1979/DigitalVision Vectors/GettyImages, How to Get a Refund on a Western Union Money Order, How to Check Whether a Money Order Was Cashed, Eastwood Bank: What You Need to Know About the Kroger Check Cashing Policy. Selling and cashing them is what being a Western Union agent means. How do I become a gigalo and bang hot chicks for cash? Western Union’s money order tracking service lets you do this online – so long as you have the right details to hand. It might be my little small town and our own policies or who knows. Locate your nearest Western Union branch. These money orders are especially useful for people without a bank account. However, if you don’t have a bank account or don’t want to wait, some grocery and checking cashing stores cash Western Union money orders (usually for a fee). Can’t afford college for my daughter, what to do? Stop in at any participating Western Union location. This is more expensive than receiving money from Western Union, which does not charge to cash a money order. After checking it over for accuracy, you can send the money order as you would a check. Update: Why are people so easily aggravated and judgmental here ? Select the “Pay in-store” option. Find an Agent. 4. Copyright 2021 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Does western u ion themselves cash it out ? But they will take a percentage of the Money Order of the fee. So it may take a bit of calling around. They don’t accept any money orders . We don’t have an actual location except the ones that are linked to a grocery store or gas station . Read More: How to Check Whether a Money Order Was Cashed. Your ability to cash a torn money order depends on the financial institution being asked to cash the funds and the amount of damage to the document. How To Fill Out Western Union Money Order__Try Cash App using my code and we’ll each get $5! You can call Western Union using the information on your payment stub to find out if a money order you purchased and sent has been cashed. Another option is to stop by your local Kroger, which has a check cashing department. I can’t open a Bank account right now for several reasons. Western Union sells money orders, but some of its locations may also be able to cash them. Since not all Western Union branches are able to cash checks, it is important to call ahead and confirm that the location closest to you performs this service. Sign and send to the receiver. Keep in mind there's a fee to send money with MoneyGram. Purchase for the principal amount you need. As with Western Union, you'll need to bring a government-issued photo ID with you to have the money order cashed. Where do I withdraw a large amount of cash with withdrawal limits ? You can contact them to find out if they cash money orders. Money sent through Western Union can be transferred directly to your bank account in 2-5 days, or sent to a mobile wallet within minutes. Keep your receipt until you know the money order has been received. 37% of the attendance for a show booked their tickets over the telephone. They are all over in grocery stores, in Walmarts ( even though most Walmarts have switched to Money Gram)..By the way WalMart will cash money orders. Bring one additional form of identification in case the representative needs further confirmation. Money orders are a secure way to send money. In some circumstances, the bank or retailer may charge you to cash your money order. Sit there and argue with them ? Kroger can even load your money to a prepaid debit card if you prefer that payment method over the cash. Easily track your transfer with our app. Click the blue "Go" button and a list of the closest Western Union branches will appear. You may be able to cash your money order at banks and other retailers (grocery stores, check-cashing locations or other stores where you’ve been able to cash checks in the past). your phone number and payment to complete the transfer. No, not very Walmart cashes money orders  . Start your transfer on the Western Union app, or at Is there some reason why you can't open your own checking account? Not only do they contain security features for authenticity, but by law they can only be paid to the listed payee. Box 7030, Englewood, CO 80155 – 7030; Email:; You should allow 30 days for processing. Third choice is to ask a trusted relative or friend to deposit the money order, then give you the money when it clears. Still have questions? Reviewed by: Alicia Bodine, Certified Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach. Simply select your country/territory from the drop-down list, enter your zip code or city and state and check the money order box. 170264 Views • Jul 28, 2017 • FAQ. That's really the best solution, and opens up all kinds of other possibilities for money transfer with no fees. See terms and conditions for details. Update : Steven F, before you accuse people and continue to be an asshole . they should give u cash in their office. Keep the Money Order Receipt You only need a few bucks. He later did many print and Web projects including re-brandings for major companies and catalog production. She got into Vanderbilt? If you don't know the number of the money order, you may have to fill out a form and pay a fee and wait for a Western Union representative to research it. Open a bank account!! Alternatively, you can cash the money order at a Western Union agent location. To cash your money order, you'll need to bring identification such as a driver's license or passport. Western Union’s policy is that you should not correct any information on a money order yourself, including the amount, payee name, or payee address. Western Union Money Order Correction Policy. You may also be able to deposit the money order into your bank account. Get your answers by asking now. And here is the answer from the Western Union site: You may be able to cash your money order at banks and other retailers (grocery stores, check-cashing locations or other stores where you’ve been able to cash checks in the past). Present your money order and government-issued photo identification to a Western Union employee or representative after arriving at your local branch. Leave the back of the money order blank, as this is where the recipient must sign.Some money orders leave room for a note or memo to specify the payment’s purpose. If no Western Union is within driving distance of your home, you can visit a check cashing service instead. , wouldn’t you think I would have done this already? 258595 Views • Aug 16, 2018 • FAQ. What is this as a decimal. And in this article, you’ll find out how to do that. What did you do with your USA stimulus check(direct deposit) money? To find somewhere, see … GOP lawmaker's death brings home reality of COVID-19, Jennifer Lopez responds to claims about her looks, What to expect from Biden on student loans, Brady, Brees share special moment after playoff game, Man lived inside airport for 3 months before detection, Trump chided Comey in newly revealed letter draft, Ronnie Spector reacts to Phil Spector's death, Mahomes scare offers stark reminder to Chiefs, Michelle Obama shows off her natural curls in birthday selfie, 'You are outnumbered': Stunning new Capitol video, Why Biden will likely keep Trump's top military adviser. Many retailers such as drugstores are authorized Western Union outlets. If you don’t know the tracking number, you can enter some personal information instead. You can purchase one at any Western Union location. I heard USPS but they only cash out like USPS money orders I believe . If you don't want to do that, check cashing places are pretty common where I live, just look them up online. Read More: How to Get a Refund on a Western Union Money Order. Although the recipient of a Western Union money order can elect to deposit the money order in their bank account, it's not required. These services typically either charge flat fees or a percentage of the check's value. Submit it with all available documents* showing you as purchaser, and the $30 USD nonrefundable processing fee to the address listed on the form, by fax 1-720-864-0477, or by email The easiest way to cash your Western Union money order is to deposit it into your bank account, wait for it to clear, and then withdraw the money. These enthusiastic and energetic people will tell you where you can cash a Western Union money order and even locate the branch that’s nearest you. Then you'll have one, and you can deposit the money orders into it. You can find the terms for your specific money order written on the back of it. You may also be able to deposit the money order into your bank account. Sign the front of the money order. at least where i live. If you don't have a bank account, many banks such as Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America will cash a money order for a fee. Will I be reimbursed after … Western Union will pay the money directly. If the money order is blank, put your name in the recipient's area and endorse the back of the money order. You as an “agent” should know the fact that even not every Western Union location cashes  money orders . As a Western Union AGENT, they MUST cash Western Union money orders. Because the amount on the money order has already been funded, there's no hold on the funds as there would be for checks. Please note, not all Western Union locations, including where you buy a money order, are able to cash them. In any case, you’ll need to get started by contacting the appropriate customer service to begin an inquiry, so that it can be determined whether the money order has been cashed. I was sent a western union money order from my dad yesterday out of state . I tried banks , they mention I have to have an account with them , no grocery stores unless it’s a payroll check or personal check . I don’t have a bank account , just a Walmart account . You FLAT OUT LIED about Walmart not accepting Western Union Money orders. Why is this so difficult? It seems like not having one would come with all sorts of problems. Fill out the ‘Payee’ information. The company will issue a refund in certain situations if you can produce your money order or … In some circumstances, the bank or retailer may charge you to cash your money order. In case I wasn't clear enough, EVERY Western Union agent cashes Western Union money orders. A small tear that leaves the serial number, signature and other identifying information intact is usually fine, though you may face a little more scrutiny than normal when you redeem it. For example, The Check Cashing Store may charge one fee at location A and a different fee for the same service at location B. I’m having trouble chasing out money orders . Whether you’re out and about, need to send money regularly, or wish to help someone in need, it’s easier than ever to send money online through the Western Union ® app. Keep it simple, open a checking account. Review our full list of where to cash a money order in the section below. Money orders don't expire, but states laws may impose a grace period, resulting in a service charge deduction if an individual waits too long to cash it, according to Western Union. They don’t accept any money orders . As a result, you'll get … You can go to MoneyGram locations to send or receive money with the service. If any information on the money order is incorrect, you will need to cancel it and get a new one, a Western Union corporate customer representative said. Head to a nearby participating agent location and provide. Armed with a Western Union tracking number, or MTCN, you can find out where your money transfer is right now. 56479 Views • Jul 28, 2017 • FAQ. Do money orders have an expiration date? A money order is similar to a check, except it’s prepaid and not linked to a bank account. You can sign in to vote the answer. How do you think about the answers? It’s important to note that Western Union states that not all of its locations, including locations where you can buy a money order, are able to cash … If the money order was stolen, please provide a copy of the police report. If you find one, ask them what you need to bring besides the money order (for example, what kind of ID). Then you can either present it to a teller. Your other choice is to go to a check cashing place. How is Unsecured Debt handle at time of death? The Western Union ® mobile app brings you all the benefits of our online services. SORRY I didn’t mention every detail. It is also possible to receive funds in cash at any Western Union location, usually within less than a day of the transfer. Western Union Money Orders You can purchase money orders in a variety of places, including post offices and at stores that work with Western Union. On the Western Union website you should be able to click “Track a Transfer.”⁴ Then choose whether you are the sender or the receiver of the money order, and enter its tracking number, which can be found on the money order receipt. u just come with the number of transaction. I don’t have a bank account , just a Walmart account . You can generally deposit a Western Union money order in your bank account, or cash it at a check-cashing store or Western Union outlet. Any bank should be able to cash one, whether you have an account there or not. Additionally, fees vary by location. You can take the money order to your bank, credit union, grocery store, and some retail stores. Some, but not all, MoneyGram locations can also cash a money order from MoneyGram or another institution. You can also try to cash money orders at retail outlets like check-cashing stores, convenience stores, and grocery stores. I was sent a western union money order from my dad yesterday out of state . If you need a refund, however, you must request it by mail, email or fax. Representatives have a responsibility to only pay the payee listed on a money order, so you can expect them to do their due diligence by verifying your identity. A second choice is to look for a Western Union site that will cash a money order (see below). Unfortunately, there will be a processing fee for the inquiry, regardless of which company is involved. I tried banks , they mention I have to have an account with them , no grocery stores unless it’s a payroll check or personal check . Send money on the go with the Western Union ® app. Sign the Front of the Money Order. This is also the cheapest option since there are no deposit or withdrawal fees. Today, Western Union’s diverse workforce of people working in call centers in different parts of the world help customers in over 200 countries. The grace period is typically one to three years, and any relevant policies or conditions are printed directly on the money order for reference. I just literally needed some ideas on how to cash it out .No, not every Walmart cashes money orders unless they are “pay roll” or it’s clear . As with Western Union, you'll need to bring a government-issued photo ID with you to have the money order cashed. How to get a money order. A Western Union money order is an alternative to checks that you can cash and deposit. It’s weird , it’s stupid And it just may be the ones here but I have asked all the Walmart’s here and what am I suppose to do ? If not, a customer service representative can review your … Services may be provided by Western Union Financial Services, Inc. NMLS# 906983 and/or Western Union International Services, LLC NMLS# 906985, which are licensed as Money Transmitters by the New York State Department of Financial Services. Endorse your money order. If it was a Western Union money order, you can have the issue investigated with or without a receipt. It’s just frustrating at this point . The Western Union website has a services locator that indicates which agents cash checks. Where can I buy a money order?

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