One of the most popular temples in Hong Kong, Wong Tai Sin Temple is worshipped at by three religions: Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. Known for the more than 13,000 Buddha statues displayed inside its temple halls, as well as on its grounds, the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is one of Hong Kong's most well-known tourism destinations. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, also referred to as Man Fat Tsz, is an 8-hectare multi-level Buddhist complex located in Po Fook Hill at Pai Tau Village, Shatin in the New Territories. The Tin Hau Temple Garden in Causeway Bay is one of the many Tin Tau temples in the city but this particular one has a special history with the goddess of the sea, whom the temple is dedicated to. Man Mo Temple is one of the most revered Buddhist temples in Hong Kong. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Select from the finest selection of Buddha statues in the world! Each miniature gold ceramic Buddha statues on the walls of the main temple adopts a different pose and expression and contains an inscription bearing the name of its donor. A steep path with 431 steps leads to the monastery, Thousands of miniature Buddha statues on the wall, Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. A number of statues––a whopping 13,000 gold Buddha statues––are lined up along the pathway leading up to the temple complex. The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong (BDCHK) was established in April 2012 by Ven. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: 8c6b4da291dc4fe8391e0af1124c3a97, Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery - One of Hong Kong’s Most Famous Buddhist Temples. Select from our wide variety of large Garden Buddha statues, advertine buddha, goldstone buddha, Tibetan Buddha Statues and Fat & Happy Buddha Statues. After 8 years, the monastery buildings were completed but it took another ten years to complete all the miniature Buddha statues that are displayed around the walls of the main temple. In order to provide you with the best possible experience, this website uses cookies. Enshrining Wong Tai Sin, the Daoist monk who became a deity at Heng Shan, the Wong Tai Sin Temple is frequented by pilgrims right throughout the year, mainly due to the belief that Wong makes every wish come true. Built in 1847, it's named after its 2 principal deities: Man (the god of literature) and Mo (the god of war). A Buddhist temple in Hong Kong has been linked to 18 cases of Covid-19 after two new cases were confirmed Wednesday, making it the center of the largest cluster of coronavirus disease in the city. The Che Kung Temple in Sha Tin is one of the various temples in Hong Kong built in honour of Che Kung, a military general from the Southern Song dynasty who was greatly praised for his loyalty and courage. Review of Diamond Hill. $65.44 pro Erwachsenem. Schnellansicht. We've listed 8 of the most beautiful ones to head to––all of which deserve a spot on your camera roll. A Buddhist hall in Hong Kong on Wednesday apologised for not shutting its temple and suspending gatherings sooner, after multiple worshippers and its own master contracted Covid-19. You'd be surprised to know that Yuet Kai's body is displayed in a glass case inside the temple. The temple is home to the three leading Chinese religions: Daoism, Buddhism and … It commemorates a well-regarded monk – Wong Tai Sin – and features a portrait of the namesake inside … A Buddhist monk from a Hong Kong temple linked to numerous coronavirus cases and the domestic helper of an infected family who worshipped there … 8 Beautiful Temples To Visit In Hong Kong, The Most Beautiful School Campuses in Hong Kong, Scotland’s Fluffy Cows Should Be On Your Bucket List––In The Meantime, You Can Watch Them Here, This Futuristic Superyacht Concept Is Controlled Entirely By Your Smartphone, Aman Partners With Luggage Free To Launch VIP Luggage Delivery Service, Tatler's Guide To Chinese New Year Traditions In Asia 2020, 10 Hidden Instagram Hot Spots In Hong Kong, Editor's Picks: Our Favourite Hong Kong Day Trips, 14 Great Hong Kong Movies to Add to Your Netflix Watch List, Neighbourhood Guide: Where To Eat, Drink And Shop In Causeway Bay, 8 Things Inspired By The Kowloon Walled City, 10 Unexpectedly Revitalised Historic Sites in Hong Kong: Now and Then, Former Kenzo Creative Director Humberto Leon Opens Restaurant in Los Angeles With His Mom, The World’s First Floating Luxury Resort Is Set To Open In Dubai, 5 Once-In-A-Lifetime Trips To Book In Advance, Hong Kong Social Distancing Rules For Covid-19: What You Can And Can’t Do, 11 Inspiring Netflix Documentaries To Make 2021 Your Healthiest, Happiest Year Yet, Where To Get Your Groceries Online: 7 Organic Grocery Stores That Deliver In Hong Kong. Tin Hau Temple; 10 Tin Hau Temple Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, See also: Neighbourhood Guide: Where To Eat, Drink And Shop In Causeway Bay. Below is our pick of the best temples in Hong Kong. Built in traditional Chinese style, the exteriors feature grand red pillars, a golden roof decorated with blue friezes, yellow latticework, a pair of bronze lions, and delicately multi-coloured carvings. hau wong temple Buddha crafted from bronze, red resin, stone, wood, and even gem stones. Der Wong-Tai-Sin-Tempel (chinesisch 黃大仙祠 / 黄大仙祠, Pinyin Huáng Dàxian Sì, Jyutping Wong4 Daai6sin1 Ci4, englisch Wong Tai Sin Temple) ist eine daoistische Kultstätte in der Sonderverwaltungszone Hongkong. Ihr Führer zu den besten Tempeln Hongkongs, vom Big Buddha und Po Lin Monastery bis zum Man Mo Tempel. sha tin che kung temple. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery; 221 Pai Tau Village, Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong, See also: 14 Great Hong Kong Movies to Add to Your Netflix Watch List. It is also home to a number of historical relics including a bell that dates back to 1747, and carved stone animals. The main building and the pagoda are recognised as Grade III historical buildings by the government. 8 Beautiful Temples To Visit In Hong Kong | Tatler Hong Kong Hong Kong has many temples, monasteries and places for worship, many worth visiting. Over the weekend, three women, aged 76, 80 and 96, sought medical attention on Saturday at the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital and were admitted for treatment. It can be reached by taking the MTR to Shatin Station, and following the directional signs pointing to the monastery. While the temple is called a monastery but there is actually no monks on the site and is instead managed by laypeople. The main altar contains three large Buddha statues and the embalmed remains of the Reverend Yuet Kai, the founder of the Monastery. The temple is Grade I Historical Building as it showcases a lot of traditional craftsmanship. Ticket für Ngong Ping 360-Seilbahn auf Lantau Island. Man Mo Temple is one of the most visited Buddhist temples in Hong Kong. Weitere Infos. Reverend Yuet Kai, originally from Kunming China, came to Hong Kong in 1933 to preach Buddhism and started construction of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery in 1949. Uncover more of the city's spectacular sights and get a dose of its culture and history by visiting the gorgeous temples it has to offer. It is home to three types of status, the Sakyamuni Buddha, Guanyin, the goddess of mercy, and bodhisattvas made up of gold, clay, and wood. Neu in Hongkong … The city so far has reported two deaths from Covid-19 and 43 recoveries. Finden Sie Tipps, wie Sie gesund bleiben, und informieren Sie sich über aktuelle Reisehinweise. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is another temple well-known for its statues. Wong Tai Sin Temple is not only one of the most beautiful temples in the city, it is also a top tourist attraction and famous site for worship. Each of the statues is in a different pose and position making them a fascinating site to see before you enter. Chi Lin Nunnery is undeniably one of the most stunning temples in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Travel Pass-Kombi: MTR Pass, Ngong Ping Cable Car und Big Buddha-Tour. The temple's traditional Chinese architectural technique uses special interlocking systems cut into the wood to hold them in place. Image of love, magazine, cute - 91813940 Today, three religions are practised at the temple, Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism––the reason for its popularity. Hong Kong Tourism Board. wong tai sin temple Weitere Infos. Tian Tan Buddha is a large bronze statue of Buddha Shakyamuni, completed in 1993, and located at Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, in Hong Kong.

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