Quarry in the generic meaning is early modern (first recorded 1610), in the more specific sense "bird targeted in falconry" late 14th and 15th centuries as quirre "entrails of deer placed on the hide and given to the hunting-dogs as a reward", from Old French cuiriee "spoil, quarry" (ultimately Latin corium "hide"), but influenced by corée "viscera, entrails" (Late Latin *corata "entrails", from cor "heart"). c archaic : pluck. Build, bake and design in a restaurant game that puts you in charge of your very own business. In some parts of Africa, wild animals hunted for their meat are called bushmeat; see that article for more detailed information on how this operates within the economy (for personal consumption and for money) and the law (including overexploitation and illegal imports). Small game and fowl may simply be carried home to be butchered. Large game such as deer is quickly field-dressed by removing the viscera in the field, while very large animals like moose may be partially butchered in the field because of the difficulty of removing them intact from their habitat. : The new boy at school seemed to be fair game for practical jokers. Whether you’re interested in running a restaurant, playing as a server, or trying your hand at being a chef, you'll find lots of entertaining food and restaurant games on our website to cater to your every culinary need. the flesh of such wild animals or other game, used as food: a dish of game. in reference to computer games. Put your knowledge of food chains to the test - explore the interactive scene, build your own food chain and watch films about all the animals and plants from the BBC archive. You can also post comments! Food games can be educational and fun at the same time. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, "game (meat) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia", https://simple.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Game_(food)&oldid=6864255, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. Barbequing; The method of cooking food by barbequing is usually associated with fund raising activities, parties or picnics. The aricle about a game played for entertainment is at game. Also see the legal definition of game in Swaziland.[1]. Game pie is a form of meat pie featuring game. The gamebirds of South Africa where the population status in 2005 was secure or growing are listed below: In the U.S. and Canada, white-tailed deer are the most commonly hunted big game. According to Dr. Tonay, if dreaming consists of a metaphorical language, and food is the nurturing sustenance, the dreams with food often reflect ways we nurture ourselves, and how well. It's CONFIDENTLY using your attributes, characteristics, and overall personality to win the affection of the woman you want. Make it you own bakery, cafe or food truck game! Your Big Game celebration party might be a little smaller this year but that doesn't mean you need to skip out on some fun and delish food! Become a world-class chef in this restaurant cooking game, as you work with a variety of ingredients cooking amazing food from dozens of different kitchen cultures. In some countries, game is classified, including legal classification with respect to licences required, as either "small game" or "large game". game bird synonyms, game bird pronunciation, game bird translation, English dictionary definition of game bird. n. A bird, such as a pheasant or grouse, that is widely hunted for sport. Take it out of the freezer a day or two before cooking, depending on the size or the animal. V. ocabulary can be reinforced by using a variety of game formats. Game is any animal hunted for food or not normally domesticated. Here are some common idioms based on food and foods. Game meats are from non-domesticated, free-ranging and farm-raised wild animals and birds that either are legally hunted for personal consumption or reared, slaughtered, and commercially sold for food. The carcass is kept cool to minimize spoilage. Define game bird. Generally game is cooked in the same ways as farmed meat. In some countries hunting is a part of well preserved tradition that is kept alive as a part of national identity. Game or quarry is any animal hunted for its meat or sport. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority considers that children, pregnant women, fertile-aged women, and people with high blood pressure should not consume game shot with lead-based ammunition more than once a month. In Africa, animals hunted for their pelts or ivory are sometimes referred to as the big game. Small animals are ready for cooking, although they may be disjointed first. game (v.) Middle English gamen "to sport, joke, jest," from Old English gamenian "to play, jest, joke;" see game (n.). Defrost game in the fridge (thawing it quickly out of the fridge increases the risk of food poisoning).

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