The entire surface of the basin was scraped to bed rock, sand or mineral earth, this alone costing $3,000,000. As in most continental towns, the custom of living in flats is prevalent in Vienna, where few except the richer nobles occupy an entire house. Another word for entire. Surely he didn't intend to be verbally invisible the entire visit. Vindiciae Gallicae was the verdict of a philosophic Liberal on the development of the French Revolution up to the spring of 1791, and though the excesses of the revolutionists compelled him a few years after to express his entire agreement with the opinions of Burke, its defence of the "rights of man" is a valuable statement of the cultured Whig's point of view at the time. The notopodium may be rudimentary or absent and the entire parapodium reduced to the merest ridge or even completely unrepresented. The extensive and valuable forests, of which 75% consist of coniferous trees, occupy 42% of the entire area. This it does by capillary action, as the mercury spreads over the entire surface of the zinc. Experts are at an entire loss to form a correct idea of the cause, or to apply any effective remedy. Examples of entire existence in a sentence, how to use it. Cassie, I've never met a woman like you in my entire life. From the vegan teenager to the picky-eater child, the entire family can share in this dining experience. 1. constituting the full quantity or extent; complete 2. constituting the undiminished entirety; lacking nothing essential … Ethel was not attractive in spite of spending more money in the beauty salon and boutique than Dean's entire salary. von Steeb, in 1896, organized what practically amounts to a re-survey of the entire monarchy, to be completed in 75 years. It but remains to call attention to the fact that the earlier view of the liver as the seat of the soul gave way among many ancient nations to the theory which, reflecting the growth of anatomical knowledge, assigned that function to the heart, while, with the further change which led to placing the seat of soul-life in the brain, an attempt was made to partition the various functions of manifestations of personality among the three organs, brain, heart and liver, the intellectual activity being assigned to the first-named; the higher emotions, as love and courage, to the second; while the liver, once the master of the entire domain of soul-life as understood in antiquity, was degraded to serve as the seat of the lower emotions, such as jealousy, anger and the like. The directors were determined "to stand forth as diwan, and take upon themselves by their own servants the entire management of the revenues.". They searched the entire house, all the obvious places like the trash cans and counter tops, but found neither the letter nor the envelope. A motor home passed by, with California plates, only the open road of the entire country ahead of them. To his surprise, the entire Reynolds family welcomed the decision and insisted that Josh would have wanted it that way. To use this app, start typing or copy-paste the text in the provided box below, and click on the ‘Start Rewriting’ button. Oliver & Company (1988) Comedy - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. the entire absence of a prefixed definite article. We had wasted nearly the entire day with no results. It snowed for the entire trip, but all but a few other drivers had the sense to remain home for the last fifty miles. Entire sentence examples. She had thought of the stress on an adopted baby before, but in this instance, her entire focus had been on Lori. Viewed 7k times … This involved an entire reconstruction of theological ideas which went beyond even the reconstructions of Amos and Isaiah. These "psychically decadent" individuals appear to represent the entire male sex of a bisexual species, and become unnecessary owing to the grafting of hermaphroditism on the female sex. In other words, as these growing regions consist of cells, the growth of the entire organ or plant will depend upon the behaviour of the cells or protoplasts of which the merismatic tissues are composed. The inner anchorage of Victoria Bay, about a m. In the branching Ctenostomes the entire body-wall is flexible, so that the contraction of a parietal muscle acts equally on the two points with which it is connected. It contained when entire about 6000 lines, and portions of it are preserved in four MSS. Since 1909, however, the various sections have left to the Academie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres the entire direction of the Journal, while still paying the annual subsidy. This prolonged meditation on his design and its execution was ultimately well repaid by the result: so methodical did his ideas become, and so readily did his materials shape themselves, that, with the above exceptions, the original MS. of the entire six quartos was sent uncopied to the printers. She paused and stared at him, unable to comprehend an entire planet that depended on her. 3 a : consisting of one piece. We spent the entire day at the beach. They had covered more topics tonight than she and Denton had discussed in their entire relationship. This method split a string into a list where each word is a list item. The allied loss was 3600 in the assault alone and 5000 in the entire siege. of the Green Mountains, but distributed along the entire E. For July, the warmest month, the mean temperature is 68° F.; for the entire year it is 43° F. The mean annual precipitation for the entire state is about 38.5 in. His parents were out of town and instead of looking out for Annie; Howard was off drinking the entire night with some older buddies. The mean elevation for the entire state is 200 ft. A sinking fund commission was established in 1875, and the entire sum was extinguished by the 1st of August 1894. : 2. The Ohio & Erie was opened throughout its entire length (309 m.) in 1832. Furthermore, I never bought into the wholeidea of Atlanteans as technological supermen. Weber's theory, the molecules of a ferromagnetic metal are small permanent magnets, the axes of which under ordinary conditions are turned indifferently in every direction, so that no magnetic polarity is exhibited by the metal as a whole; a magnetic force acting upon the metal tends to turn the axes of the little magnets in one direction, and thus the entire piece acquires the properties of a magnet. Probably revealed your entire operations by now. It advocates unity of the monetary system throughout the entire state, with strict integrity in the quality of the coin, and the charge of a seigniorage sufficient to cover the expenses of mintage. I've broken several already, but this one is entirely out of my ability to influence. In Coburg the people belong to the Franconian and in Gotha to the Thuringian branch of the Teutonic family, and, according to religious confessions, almost the entire population is Lutheran, Roman Catholics only numbering some 3000 and Jews about 700. in height, and has oval entire leaves, and unisexual flowers on short stalks. The result was that the houses were free from mosquitoes and no malaria occurred throughout the entire season, though there had been 40 cases in the previous year. It is covered with well-cultivated plantations. Many of them have spent their entire working lives at this hotel." The Jennings field, one of the greatest in the United States, produced up to and including 1907 more than 26,000,000 barrels of high-grade oil, twelve-thirteenths of which came from an area of only 50 acres, one well producing a tenth of the entire output. How to store a complete sentence with white spaces in a string in cpp? 2 His uncontrolled behavior disturbed the, 27 He gazed once more around the room, wherein were assembled his, 28 This statement must be understood in the context of the, 29 Only once in a lifetime that a special dream comes true.And suddenly your, 30 After both their parents died, one of their father's relatives carted off the, 24 He gazed once more around the room, wherein were assembled his, 25 This statement must be understood in the context of the, 27 After both their parents died, one of their father's relatives carted off the. There is good anchorage throughout the entire channel separating the island from the mainland, except in the Ly-ee-mun Pass, where the water is deep; the best anchorage is in Hong-Kong roads, in front of Victoria, where, over good holding ground, the depth is 5 to 9 fathoms. Fabyan when recording the entire destruction of London by fire in the reign of !Ethelred (981) makes this remarkable statement - " Ye shall understand that this daye the cytie of London had more housynge and buyldinge Arrival consecrated two bishops: Mellitus and Justus. In the underworld where she spent almost her entire life, there were two suns and two moons. She has the entire Reynolds family — and we'll be there for her. Also such ideas as those of invariants, groups and of form, have modified the entire science. Heysham added to Hutchins's Cumberland a list of birds of that county, whilst in the same year began Thomas Lord's valueless Entire New System of Ornithology, the text of which was written or corrected by Dr Dupree, and in 1794 Donovan began a History of British Birds which was only finished in 1819 - the earlier portion being reissued about the same time. The entire island produced 28,613,000 gallons of wine in the year 1899 and 19,809,000 in 1900. 23 examples: This is the disgraceful part of the entire episode. Neither Louis Bonaparte nor German douaniers could be trusted to carry out in all their stringency the decrees for the entire exclusion of British commerce from those important regions. I'll bet you remembered the entire number, didn't you? Several have come down to us on the original marbles, entire or in fragments; others are known from old copies. He was so tired that he slept through the entire movie. Entire conformity with the Scottish Church was maintained, and strict discipline was enforced by pastoral visitations, kirk-sessions and presbyteries. The leaves, which - are generally alternate, are usually entire and narrow: the radical leaves in some genera, as Pulmonaria (lungwort) and Cynoglossum, differ in form from the stem-leaves, being generally broader and sometimes heart-shaped. We spent the entire morning in a lawyer's office. Information and translations of entire in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Dean, who'd been on the force for their entire tenure, was used to their early morning bickering and paid no attention. There are only 60 swimming pools in the entire country. How to use entire in a sentence. Entirety definition is - the state of being entire or complete. 179. 3. Evergreen oaks with entire leaves are represented in North America by Q. But the entire financial authority resided in the sultan as keeper, by right, of the fortune of his subjects. For the first time … That the lives of her cousins were nothing compared to the lives of the entire planet? This land was sold in 1833 for $277,332.52, but the entire sum was lost in the failure of the Planters' Bank in 1840. Before Las Vegas became a mobster’s paradise, the entire … Their usage depends on the type of noun they describe, i.e. The table-topped hills of Almeyrin (or Almeirim) and Erere, which lie near the lower Amazon and rise to heights of 800 and 900 ft., are generally considered the southernmost margin of this plateau, though Agassiz and others describe them as remains of a great sandstone sheet which once covered the entire Amazon valley. With Venetian aid he wrested from Hungary the entire Adriatic littoral between Fiume and Cattaro, except the city of Zara; thus adding Dalmatia to his kingdom at the moment when Servia was lost through the Ottoman victory of Kossovo (1389). Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. He was victorious in the pitched battle fought at the foot of Ithome in the fifth year of his reign, a battle in which the Messenians, reinforced by the entire Arcadian levy and picked contingents from Argos and Sicyon, defeated the combined Spartan and Corinthian forces. Maybe it was because her entire life had been lonely until she met him. The temple is now in ruins, but the entire series of gorgeous pictures recording the expedition to "the balsam land of Punt," from its leaving to its returning to Thebes, still remains intact and undefaced.4 These are the only authenticated instances of the export of incense trees from the Somali country until Colonel Playfair, then political agent at Aden, in 1862-1864, collected and sent to Bombay the specimens from which Sir George Birdwood prepared his descriptions of them for the Linnean Society in 1868. shipowners, barge owners, the railway companies interested, &c. Rival schemes, however, were proposed by the London County Council,which proposed to take over the entire control through a committee, by the City Corporation, which suggested that it should appoint instead of 3 members to the new board; and by the London Chamber of Commerce, which proposed a Harbour Trust of ex-officio and elected members. If our whole entire band can’t play the show, then none of the members will go to the gig. Walk carefully along the shore (water sandal or sneakers are advised for protection) with the goal of finding a high perch with a view of the entire rapid. How to use Entire in a sentence? The former, however, is based upon the account of victories by the Ephraimite Joshua over confederations of petty kings to the south and north of central Palestine, apparently the specific traditions of the people of Ephraim describing from their standpoint the entire conquest of Palestine. The sentiments it created were not only favourable to the humane treatment of the class in the of present, but were the germs out of which its entire libera- of was destined, at a later period, in part to arise. The hundred mile drive up the coast to Santa Barbara took more than two hours during which we chatted the entire way. up ( 0) down ( 3) Sentence count:175+48 Only show simple sentences Posted: 2017-01-04 Updated: 2017-01-04. The area of the entire Danish colony is estimated at 45,000 sq. Farther south it includes the Gerbier des Joncs (5089 ft.), the Mont de Mezenc (5755 ft.), the culminating point of the entire range, and the Tanargue group.

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