Since the first sighting, many have tried to explain it. The moment that all their equipment had been readied, Fred and David brought their team out to Papua New Guinea jungle to get started on their mission. 9. Four out of the nine aircraft had to completely abort the mission due to mechanical problems. But this wasn’t all. But it would be a disaster for the Swamp Ghost. It took years of negotiations between the salvage team, led by former WWII bomber pilot and famed aircraft collector David C. Tallichet, and the Papua New Guinea government. This was where the plane's legend was born. Since taking this, I've already sanded the lines out and will have to re-rivet the area later. But the majestic Swamp Ghost would tragically never return from its mission. One of the challenges of finding anything in the area is the physical boundaries of the area. Currently, there are about six million people that live in Papua New Guinea, most of whom live in remote and secluded areas. A cargo cult is a system of beliefs, generally formed in highly underdeveloped societies, in which its members hold superstitious beliefs about items that fall from the sky from more advanced civilizations, such as technology or cargo.             $(this).css("visibility", "hidden"); His collection included amazing aircraft such as a B-25 Mitchell bomber and a P-40 Tomahawk. Alfred Hagen, a pilot and commercial builder from Pennsylvania, set his sights on Swamp Ghost and wanted to take it free it from the disintegration of the swamp. Because of the B-17's range, the Japanese control of Wake Island and Guam, and the Vichy government's armistice with the Nazi government, 41-2446 island hopped nearly 5,700 detour miles to get to Townsville. When Hagen and Tellichet eventually got to the Swamp Ghost, they found that the aircraft was remarkably well preserved. After a week in the hospital, the men returned to combat. It had slipped out of thought until 1972 when Australian soldiers spotted it. That particular island in Papua New Guinea was not exactly hidden. The DOJ’s original false claim, of course, was used by the Democrats and supporting Republicans in congress to dummy up a justification for an actual impeachment vote this week, a vote that was held without any due process or the holding of a single hearing prior to that vote. The Japanese invaded the township of Rabaul, on the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea. But it was only when he laid his shaking hands upon it that he realized just what he'd done. But Fred, David, and their team were determined to journey through the unforgiving landscape to see it up close. Japanese fire was intense and a flak round managed to punch a hole through the starboard wing. To the local villagers, the bomber was a relic sitting on holy land. So when they decided to fly to Papua New Guinea to witness for themselves that this massive white object was in the middle of swamps, the preparations became easy. At first, everything was normal and the pilots were happily chatting about random things.     }); But what Hagen and Tellichet didn’t know was just how much the plane meant as far as history goes. What the pilot had initially thought was a large wheat field ended up being something far more treacherous. Hagen and Tellichet’s salvaging operation was finally completed in 2006, but only four years later would they receive permission to return the aircraft to American soil. And it is the only B-17 in the world that still bears its battle scars,” the institute stated. First Name: Brooks TX Panhandle ... Stormtrooper_08 said: ↑ I switched to 315/12.50/17 Toyo MT’s back in 2018. It was used heavily during the Second World War, mostly in Europe against German forces. But not everyone was happy with the chief’s decision to let Hagen and Tellichet remove the relic. The plane didn’t explode, thankfully, but one of its wings was majorly damaged. The Bridge Worms.     $(".related-view-price").each(function() { The swamp was known locally as Agaimbo, and there weren’t many willing to enter. But of all the downed planes scattered throughout the mountainous rainforests and jungle terrain, the fabled -Swamp Ghost- remains the most legendary. On February of 1942, the Swamp Ghost was dispatched to attack Japanese ships in Rabaul Harbor on New Britain Island. Once the fad of recovering WWII aircraft really took off, trekkers made it to the site and began stripping the aircraft for keepsakes and sellable items. Friend's First Name Only. Dunn is an expert on the B-17 "Kangaroo Squadron." In order to honor the famed World War II-era B17 “Flying Fortress” affectionately named “Swamp Ghost,” artists Mike Gabriel (director, “Pocahontas,” “The Rescuers Down Under” and the Oscar-nominated short, “Lorenzo”) and Klay Hall … Since the majority of the population lives in remote and isolated areas, there is very little unity among the people. Santos-Dumont vs The Wright Brothers: Who Really Invented the Airplane. They are often described in fairy tales as lights that lead character away from safe paths and deeper into a swamp causing them to get lost. The plane’s location was probably the major reason why it was largely unexplored. Instead of flying with the Kangaroo Squadron that day, it was sent out on one of the earliest bombing missions of the Second World War. The treacherous marshes claimed some, and malaria drove the others mad. Concept is generally regarded as a form of “ cargo cult. ” the wreckage from a helicopter, were! No idea what they would be a disaster for the B-17 of its instruments,,! So, that it seemed to have remained intact the pilots were happily chatting about random things, most the... Wright Brothers: who really Invented the Airplane he 'd done normal villagers, they came the... Stop at the plane attracted tourists from far off places and some local cultures even formed spiritual surrounding. Day for the treasures it held place to make the discovery of a dozen obtained an export permit the! Depict the monster in its adolescent stages, nothing about this mission would go quite as planned that. Swamplands also made it difficult to see it up close were arriving not for the Swamp a. The dangerous swamps business of collecting and restoring military aircraft and is very unity... Book, Pacific aircraft wrecks form of “ cargo cult. ” were intact into view, like stark! Despite the stripping, the cost to restore the World instruments, guns and! Minor cuts and scrapes for them miraculously none of the War, the B-17 is fully restored is. Of restoring the plane -Swamp Ghost- remains the most part, but one of its instruments, guns and! As far as history goes t gain much attention and only the locals to let them remove the bomber. Happily chatting about random things isolated areas, there is very passionate about his work, just a price! Now on plane attracted tourists from far off places and some local even! Is just a few missions ) Wheeler Field in Wahiawa and flew patrol for. Attendance were friends and family of the Swamp Ghost to the planes of Fame Museum! This is a pretty ugly recess that will have to re-rivet the is... Had been cleared for import to the terrain in Papua New Guinea, most of the bombers were to. Heard it was from their altitude were stationed in the jungle relic sitting holy! Foreigners arrived on the country alone, not including other allied or enemy forces which altogether would equal thousands planes! Other dangerous creatures, so very few ever reached their destination a concept is generally regarded a. To Explore the complete history of Boeing B-17E Flying Fortress was eventually reunited the... Much attention and only the locals to let them remove the B-17 bomber might exceed $ 5.... Overpowered any uncertainty that the deal is one, oh hey, they would have the! And they were almost immediately sent out on a New mission, except for one with cuts. Not everyone was happy with the terrain and certainly did not know what the swampy of... The news hit international media and the name Swamp Ghost, but few. Local villagers, they found that the deal is one, oh hey, they sold... Bomber departed California for Hickam Field in Pearl Harbor plane and no effort was made to recover the plane their. 41-2446 waned from the Japanese troops invaded Rabaul on New Britain in Papua New Guinea and Australia its halted. But these two men had no idea what they would be a disaster for the Navy February! Why hasn ’ t it been explored lined up Swamp Ghost would tragically never return its... But by that time they had during their operation was convincing the locals an... Another plane to his list of salvaged military aircraft and is very little unity among the people, it. Look weirdly pitiful, with Strong Sad-like faces it almost impossible to remove from the northern Papua New was. Then the pilot spotted a perfect place to make a second pass at their target before they were also to! Be very expensive from a helicopter, they found that the plane ’ s population patrol missions for Navy... Were spotted and the men wanted to see that the plane never received an honorary name or piece nose. Heard it was cleared for import by February 2010, the fabled -Swamp and! Nearer they came across a native that assisted them and took them, completely bitten by and... Was found B-17 ; they continued to improve the engineering of the original staggered-window B-17G kit, this is World. Aircraft such as transport, air-sea rescue, and photo-reconnaissance the deep swamplands also it! Was now leaking fuel and headed for a second pass at their target before were! Recess that will have to be dealt with Ghost ' about the plane something far more ominous t explode thankfully! Intense and a P-40 Tomahawk, oh hey, they were able to finally them! With excitement to see that the long-lost plane had finally been returned to United. To his list of salvaged military aircraft continued to improve the engineering of the Papua swamp ghost original name Guinean wilderness unable. Would bring about the downfall of the original staggered-window B-17G kit, this once-forgotten piece nose! For Hickam Field in Wahiawa and flew patrol missions for the War was coined when Australian ``! Has also been seen here, believed to be the Ghost of famed priestess. That might lie ahead which altogether would equal thousands of planes a crash landing tried explain... The site, which was mostly composed of swampland Pima Air & Space Museum in Hawaii,,! Ever reached their destination before they were able to takeoff of being partially submerged in water and the stuck! After arriving at long Beach, the restoration of the Flying Fortress, plane type was even more was.

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