... Once time is sped up enough, a new universe can be created. 1 "Good Grief", (Yare yare daze / やれやれだぜ)- Jotaro Kujo 2 "Your stand may be invincible.. but you sure as hell aren't!" It’s one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. The World is the stand of the main antagonist of Stardust Crusaders, DIO. This is seen with how the developmental potential decreased from an A to completed in Stone Ocean. Its power far exceeds most stands and is equal to the previously mentioned Star Platinum. — Jotaro Kujo. 1 Star Platinum 2 2.1 Passive(s) 3 Skill Tree 4 Trivia its pronounced Star Platinum Left Click - Regular Punch (Can be pressed multiple times to be combo'ed) Double Press Right Click - Alternative Heavy Punch (Just like the Heavy Punch, but can be performed even without your stand out.) It’s one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. how this compete abomination of power came to be was after Jotaro finally beat Heaven Ascension DIO and returned to where he belonged, 12 years later re encounters Pucci during his adventures and followed him to where he kept DIO's Diary and grabbed the dairy for evidence and tried … Among the very first Stands introduced, it is featured along with Jotaro in three parts of the series, most prominently in Stardust Crusaders. Recent Changes; Random page; Community; Videos; Images; Discuss. Christmas Star Platinum: Requiem Showcase | A Universal Time: 3 days ago: Mega Man Maker | Sunday Levels again. Actions . Edit. It Deals Good Dmg. SPTW is a rather common stand,obtainable from arrow Star Platinum: The World Star Platinum time stop. — Jotaro Kujo. F Time Stop (Does 0 Dmg) Star Platinum Requiem Unleashes The World, Stopping Time For 10 Seconds. Star Platinum: The World is an evolved form of Star Platinum.Right now you can get this stand by doing 1 full rebirth. *Standless + True Requiem Arrow = Silver Chariot Requiem *Star Platinum OVA + Diary = Star Platinum OVAOH *Star Platinum OVAOH + Universe Orb = Galaxy Annihilator *Star Platinum + Cosmic Orb = Jotaro's Star Platinum* *STW + Cosmic Orb = Dio's The World *White Snake + Dio Diary = C-Moon *C-moon + Universe Orb = Reality C-Moon (Unobtainable) *C-moon + Dio Diary = Made in Heaven (Rework … Star Platinum: The World (commonly abbreviated to SP: TW), canonically called Star Platinum it is a stand in Project JoJo, it is canonically used by Jotaro Kujo.. 20 … Star Platinum [P4] Requiem is based off of Star Platinum after the events of Stardust Crusaders around the time when it went onto Diamond is Unbreakable. Reply. "Star Platinum: The World Over Heaven Requiem" is Star Platinum far beyond anything you've ever seen in JoJo. This stand is capable of stopping time itself for a limit of 9 seconds (5 seconds in-game). Check out [STAR PLATINUM REQUIEM] A Universal Time . this was a month ago. Star Platinum(スタープラチナ(星の白金),Sutā Purachina) is the Stand of Jotaro Kujo. Jotaro's Requiem Arrow; Aja Mask; Community. The user can make the bomb go off at any time that they like. View Entire Discussion (5 Comments) More posts from the AUniversalTime community. If you want this stand you need Star Platinum and The World, Star Platinum The Wotrld Requiem have them all maxed out, prestige 3 max level and every item in the game. - Jotaro Kujo, Stardust Crusaders (Kujo Jotaro, 空条 承太郎) 3 Information: 4 Appearance 5 Obtaining 5.1 Full Craft: 5.2 Variants: 6 Passives 7 Movesets 8 Pros and Cons 8.1 Pros. Current status … Star Platinum Requiem will charge their right fist and smashes the ground reversing time to create a clone, the user will then send crouch down and take a small rock and Star Platinum Requiem will hurl the rock forward at the cursor and the user's clone will do the same with each rock dealing 40 damage. Check out A Universal Time . If you want to find the link to the discord … Z - Time Stop : You and Star Platinum stop time for a short amount of time. It also has a higher value than the DRA because of how strong SPR is. Jotaro's Requiem Arrow has an almost identical layout to the Diego Requiem Arrow, except the brown is tinted purple, and the entire arrow part is glowing purple. This will stop him from attacking you during the time stop. Star Platinum was the stand of Jotaro Kujo, the protagonist of Stardust Crusaders (P3), as well as a secondary character and mentor in both Diamond is Unbreakable (P4), and Stone Ocean (P6). Star Platinum Requiem is a requiem version of Star Platinum that was formerly obtainable through an Easter Egg, but that method was removed.It's currently obtainable from Stand Arrows with a very rare chance. The World is a close range power type of stand like Star Platinum. The maximum duration of time stop is 6-7 seconds. King Crimson Alternate Universe Pose Music. Y Time Smite (Does 57.99 Dmg) Star Platinum Requiem Lays A Beat-Down Onto The Target Using Time Stop. I think instead of being called Star Platinum Requiem it would be actually called Star Platinum Shines and it's ability is manipulating time indefinitely on a multiversal scale plus it would have perception of the future allowing Jotaro to see the future and stop,control,erase,travel and manipulate time . F - Universal Time Stop Jotaro's Star Platinum stops time for a few seconds. E (Hold) - Barrage - (Punches rapidly at the opponent, damage varies on Destructive Power.) STWR in HFTF style (by me) 149. Short Update Log [Recent] - NEW STAND! The Stand has power and speed that is comparable to a rusty Star Platinum. The accelerated time only affects inanimate events and also affects the time stop ability of Star Platinum. Tabbender Edited Dec 9, 2016. Timestop Resistance or movement is detrimental to survival at points, with Tusk Act 4 and C-Moon you can evade Jotaro's attacks during TS. Within the series, Star Platinum: The World is just a more developed version of Star Platinum that Jotaro renamed between the events of Stardust Crusaders and Diamond is Unbreakable. Star Platinum: The World, officially, is not a Requiem stand. Short Update Log [Recent] - Update Soon. Edit source History Talk (0) Comments Share. This can only be used when the rage mode bar is full and once you use rage mode and time stop, your rage will deplete much faster. - NEW PLACES AND 2 EASTER EGGS - NEW SPAWN POINTS - NEW GAME ICON UPDATE - GAMEPASSES SALE ENDED 180k Likes = A New System for Grinding will be … It has the ability to turn anything that it touches into a bomb. [R] Time Stop (Level 30, 43 second recharge, Cost 10 Stamina) Star Platinum stops time for 4 seconds, in this time only the user, allies, and certain other stands can move. 5 WORSE: KILLER QUEEN. H - Ground Slam Jotaro's Star Platinum charges it's right arm into the ground, and slams the ground with a heaven-like blast. T Star Finger (Does 50 dmg) Star Platinum Requiem Reaches Out With Its Fingers To Hit An Enemy From Afar, With A Range Of 10 Studs. It can be used to evolve Star Platinum into Star Platinum Requiem. This stand has an identical moveset to and basic attack speed as Star Platinum: The World, but has higher damage. V - Teleport You teleport to a place you pointed to with your mouse, although this has range. 28 days ago. He increased the power of The Word to infinity! Killer Queen is the Stand of Kira Yoshikage. Star Platinum: The World. https://www.roblox.com/library/5606909460/kcau-theme-aut Once time is sped up enough, a new universe can be created. A Universal Time. (Whilst this page may be a joke, i am trying to apply to be an admin to this wikia to help clean it up and therefore i must prove that i can help clean this wikia up.) Hi, this is not official but here is the AUT Subreddit! I guess that's your limit now." The move ends when your rage fully depletes. Recent blog posts Help Explore. in: Stands, Stands that can be evolved. Shards/Gems â ¦ Huge selection, great prices & free shipping on many watches. Star Platinum throws a strong punch that does high damage. If you have Star Platinum: The World Requiem, you can use Ora Beatdown when he is going to stop time. "DIO, it's been 11 seconds. Crazy Diamond Requiem is the non-canon requiem evolved version of Crazy Diamond. Posted by 3 days ago. So basically Jotaro would become Sakuya. 1.7k members in the AUniversalTime community. Star Platinum Requiem - WS REWORK - NEW MAP! Appearance. Requires 15 time slots. "Good grief, I made it in time." Spawns every 10 minutes with a 1 / 750 STW Requiem theme is played when it spawns 149.

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